Mints to

That's a lot of hail!

Mints to Joy is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series. This episode introduces Minty the scared cat, Lurky the lurking squirrel, and Rotty the rotten-loving fox.



  1. Minty


  1. Rotty
  2. Lurky
  3. Nutty
  4. Hippy


  1. The Cursed Idol


Minty lays on his hammock when the wind blows leaves in his face. Minty gets scared of being dirty and quickly goes to the bathroom. A showering sound is heard and he suddenly walks out of his house.

Minty goes back on his hammock and looks at the leaves. When the wind once again blows the leaves in his face, he ducks and decides to rake the leaves. Afterwards, he sets the rake down.

When he goes to rest on his hammock again, the wind blows the leaves in his face, and he backs up and gets impaled in the stomach with the rake. Minty freaks out and runs around for a while.

Minty runs quickly on the road, where Rotty quickly stops his truck and sees Minty impaled. He calls the hopsital, and an ambulance with driver Hippy, who is also driving Nutty to the hospital, comes by.

Later, Nutty is seen with scars all around him and glass shards impaled on his face, along with bubblegum, and Minty is seen with huge holes in his body from the rake at the hospital.

Lurky the doctor comes by and checks on them, and helps them out. Minty is later seen at home, with casts and band-aids on his belly. Lurky is hiding in the bushes, lurking him.

Minty picks up the Cursed Idol, and hail comes down and hits him and Lurky, slicing them into pieces. Hippy is seen driving his truck (with Nutty in it again), and hail hits the truck, causing both of them to die.


"Give hail to the king of the mints and the ring!"


  1. Minty and Lurky are hit by hail.
  2. Hippy and Nutty die when hail hits the ambulance they are both in.


  1. This is the debut episode of Rotty, Lurky, and Minty, and Lurky and Minty's first deaths.
  2. Rotty is the only character to survive.
  3. Nutty with scars, glass shards, and bubblegum on his face may be a reference to "A Sucker for Love".
  4. So far, this is the only time Minty is seen without his glasses.
  5. So far, this is the only time Rotty appears without Fungus.
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