Mixmaster's Normal State.

Mixmaster is a purple armadillo and the leader of the Constructifriends. He forms Devastator's head.

Normal State

In normal state, Mixmaster's shell and arm armor are as hard as they should be and he has normal Happy Tree Friends eyes.

War State

Unlike other Constructifriends, Mixmaster's eyes turn black with red pupils (Similar to another robot overlord). His tail gets spikes and so do his scales. Each spike is equally as hard as a diamond. When he rolls up he can go at speeds of up to mach2. He also gets four mini-scythes. Two of them can attach to eachother, which creates two small yet deadly propellers.

Starring Roles

  1. United we Stand, Divided we Fall

Featuring Roles

  1. Raze the Roof

Appearance Roles

  1. Mall and Sundry


  1. Mall and Sundry: Dies along with the other Constructifriends when the mall collapses. (debatable)

See Also


  • He is a parody of Mixmaster from the Transformers franchise.

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