Mom and Baby are two characters who are the female counterparts of Pop and Cub. They have never met face to face though, or heard of each other. Like Cub, Baby dies alot due to Mom's attention span. Baby wears a shirt that covers her entire body, and small hat with hair fur going down her head. Mom wears a robe that is completely black, with a yellow hat. Mom rarely dies, but has died in So Sweet!!, Havin' A Ball (Fan Version), Flippin' Burgers (Fan Version), Havin' A Ball, See You Later, Elevator, Stealing the Spotlight, Class Act, Be Quiet. Baby died a lot, but survives a few of featuring which are You're Bakin' Me Crazy (Fan Version), Be careful..., Dopework, Don't Yank My Chain (Fan Version), Just Desert, Rink Hijinks, A Sucker for Love, Road Kill, Out of Sight, Out of Mime, I Get a Trick Out of You, Doggone It (Debatable), Selling Out, .The episodes Baby appears without Mom is Treasure Those Idol Moments, Rink Hijinks, and It's A Snap. The only time Mom appears without Baby is Something Fishy. In A Vicious Cycle, Mom dies while Baby survivies.

Starring Roles

  1. Razor Sharp
  2. Mommin' Up
  3. Rocket Science
  4. Havin' A Ball
  5. Chip Off the Ol' Block (Fan Version)
  6. Havin' A Ball
  7. Read 'Em and Weep
  8. Clause for Concern
  9. And the Kitchen Sink
  10. Theaters...
  11. A Sucker for Love
  12. The Last Straw
  13. Snip Snip Hooray!
  14. Water Way to Go
  15. Stealing the Spotlight
  16. Doggone It
  17. A Vicious Cycle


  1. Super Christmas
  2. You're Bakin' Me Crazy
  3. Concrete Solution (Fan Version)
  4. Sharpen your skills
  5. You Trip Me Up
  6. So Sweet!!
  7. Be careful...
  8. Spiked your computer
  9. Dopework
  10. Gems the Breaks (Fan Version)
  11. Flippin' Burgers (Fan Version)
  12. Treasure Those Idol Moments (Baby only)
  13. Don't Yank My Chain (Fan Version)
  14. The Hoover Dam
  15. Just Desert
  16. Can't Stop Coffin
  17. From Hero to Eternity (Fan Version)
  18. Kitchen Kringle (Baby only)
  19. Rink Hijinks (Baby only)
  20. It's A Snap (Baby only)
  21. Something Fishy (Mom only)
  22. Road Kill
  23. Out of Sight, Out of Mime
  24. Class Act
  25. I Get a Trick Out of You
  26. Let It Slide (Baby only)
  27. Concrete Solution
  28. Sea What I Found
  29. Trippin' Class
  30. Duo It
  31. Be Quiet
  32. Selling Out



  1. So Sweet!!: Crushed by a ferris wheel seat
  2. Havin' A Ball: Crushed by the bed Superspeed was in
  3. Flippin' Burgers: Crushed by the door
  4. Havin' A Ball 2: Shredded by a helicopter
  5. See you later elevator: Dies when the building explodes (body seen)
  6. Stealing the Spotlight: Boils to death under Wooly's light
  7. Class Act: Killed when the school explodes
  8. epic face of the breaks dies form Rainbow Dash's lazor
  9. crow marmot falls and slpaters
  10. A Vicious Cycle: She is knocked down the stairs by the tricycle and is electrocuted, she is decapitated soon after this.
  11. Flippin' Burgers (MarioDude2848's version): Died in the restaurant explosion.
  12. Be Quiet: Got backed over by Stacy.


  1. Razor Sharp: Crushed by a block
  2. Super Christmas: Crushed by a piece of Superspeed's house
  3. Mommin' Up: Slips and causes head to crack open
  4. Concrete Solution: Crushed by a piece of the bride
  5. Sharpen your skills: Splattered by a car
  6. You Trip Me Up: Ran over by a car
  7. So Sweet: Crushed by a ferris wheel seat
  8. Spiked your computer: Burns to death
  9. Rocket Science: Smashed by the rocket as it comes down
  10. Havin' A Ball: Dies when the helicopter falls and explodes
  11. Gems the Breaks: Vaporized by Splendont's laser
  12. Flippin' Burgers: Crushed by the door
  13. Treasure those idol moments: Crushed by a boulder
  14. Havin' A Ball 2: Crushed by Goofy's bed
  15. Read Em and Weep: Beaten' to death by Mom's shovel.
  16. The Hoover Dam: Crushed between the rails into pieces
  17. Can't stop coffin: Crushed by a grave
  18. And the Kicthen Sink: Drown in the bathtub
  19. Clause for Concern: After the credits, crushed by the door when Mom opens it
  20. See you later, elevator: dies in the explosian
  21. From Hero to Eternity: Torn apart by the waser machine
  22. Kicthen Kringle: Dies when the building explodes
  23. Theaters...:Electoted to death by the TV
  24. Its a Snap: Head smashed by a bear trap
  25. The Last Straw: Head explodes
  26. Snip Snip Hooray: Mouth and thoat cut up by the razor after Mom plugs it in
  27. Water Way to Go: Sliced into pieces by the propellers
  28. Stealing the Spotlight: Top half explodes from the heat of the lights
  29. Class Act: Killed in the school explosian
  30. Let it Slide: Cut in half by Wooly's antlers (debatable)
  31. Concrete Solution: Crushed by the stomach of Candy
  32. Sea What I Found: Head burned threw by the suns light
  33. epic face of the breaks dies form rainbowdashs lazor
  34. crow marmot falls and splaters
  35. Duo It: Chokes To Death On Bread
  36. Flippin' Burgers (MarioDude2848's version) Dies in the restaurant explosion
  37. Be Quiet: Got backed over by Stacy.


  • In fan version episodes, they take place of Pop and Cub.
  • They were created to replace Pop and Cub in Ray's old HTFF comics.