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It is a normal day, as usual. Mom gets up to go check on Baby. She is still asleep. So she goes into the kicthen in order to get a midnight snack. When she realizes she has no snacks, she leaves and goes to Superspeed's house for some snacks. When arriving, she insanely knocks on his door. Superspeed screams and falls off his bed and down the stairs. When he goes to see who's at the door, he is then suprised to see Mom. Mom asks if she can have some snacks, and Superspeed lets her in. Superspeed walks her to the cabinets and shows her the snacks. Mom quickly grabs one and opens it. She begins eating, when she notices Superspeed staring at her, and tells him to go away. So Superspeed walks out his house and wonders around. Its so dark that he cant see and is suddenly ran over a car, flingling him into Mom and Baby's house. Still dark and not knowing where he is, he falls off and splatters near the door. Baby then walks out the door, slips, and her head cracks open and her brain falls out.


  • Superspeed splatters after falling from a great height.
  • Baby's skull cracks open.


  • This is the first episode to star Mom and Baby.
  • Mom kicked Superspeed out his own house, where Superspeed could have kicked Mom out.
  • Mom is the only surivior.
  • This episode only stars 3 characters.

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