Morgue that meets the the eyes is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends.






Flaky is walking in the park when a branch falls from a tree and lands on her. Pop and Cub walk by and Pop freaks out thinking Flaky is dead so he calls 911 and an ambulance sends her to a morgue in the hospital, where Lumpy starts to cut her open.

Suddenly Flaky wakes up from the pain and lurches forward sending the scapel into Lumpy's neck, killing him. Flaky, panicking, runs from the morgue and into an elevator with Buck, Chuck, Giggles and Mime inside, knocking Chuck down where the elevator doors close on his neck. As it rises, his head is cut off rolling at Buck's feet, causing him, Giggles, and Mime to freak out and Flaky to freak out even more.

As the elevator reches the 4th floor, the four run from the elevator. Buck accidentally bumps into Toothy's gurny and causes it to roll down the stairs and sending him into the wall, crushing him. Buck runs into a medical cart and gets impaled in the face by surgical tools, killing him. His blood then makes Mime and Giggles slip, sending Mime over some railing and down to the first floor where he lands on The Mole, killing them both. Giggles slams into a window and falls landing in a dumpster only to be cut by broken glass.

Meanwhile, Flaky runs into a doctor's room but slips on her own blood and falls into a medical waste bin, causing used needles to impale her face, killing her. The iris then closes on Sniffles as he walks back into his room, shocked about the mess.


  1. Lumpy is impaled by a scaple in the neck
  2. Chuck is beheaded by a elevator
  3. Toothy is crushed by a gurney
  4. Buck is impaled by surgical tools
  5. Mime falls from a 3rd floor balcony, breaking his neck
  6. The Mole is crushed by Mime
  7. Giggles is sliced by broken glass
  8. Flaky is impaled by used needles


  • This is Buck and Chuck's debut appearance. They will later have starring roles in Fishing You Well.
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