Mouse Trapped is an episode of HTFF. This episode introduces Sorcery, the evil wizard.


Isn't Cheesy already a mouse?





Posy, Negy and Josh are having a picnic, until a passing Cheesy steals their cheese. As Josh fights him over it, Posy takes out a plate of spaghetti, which Hiss attacks thinking it was a nest of baby snakes. Josh ends up in a quarrel with Cheesy and Hiss. At a nearby table, Sorcery is about to eat a sandwich, until the trio ruins his lunchtime. As an act of vengeance, Sorcery shrinks them to the size of mice and swoops them away.

Josh and the others awaken on Sorcery's dining table. They make a hasty retreat while the sorcerer is occupied with dinner preparations. They stop at the sight of mouse traps, each baited with cheese. Cheesy is unable to resist and gets caught in one of the traps, but still tries crawling to a nearby piece of cheese. Sorcery realizes what's going on and tries blasting the pint-sized captives with his wand.

Outside Sorcery's fortress, Posy and Negy plan a rescue mission. Negy climbs up to a window, where he is hit by Sorcery's magic and shrunken as well. Posy catches him in her hand and thinks of an alternate plan.

After his attempts have ruined his kitchen, Sorcery resorts to his spell book. He turns into a giant snake and spits venom at the captives. Cheesy has now ripped his body in half, but finally reaches his prize, when he is hit by Sorcery's venom and melted. Hiss decides it is time to take action. He battles the serpent and manages to defeat him by tying him in a knot.

Josh reads over the spell book to see how he and Hiss can return to their original sizes. The first spell turns Sorcery back into an owl, but he explodes due to his snake body being tied up. The next spell brings the book to life and it flies out the window. Hiss and Josh chase after it by riding a housefly. During the flight, however, the spells wear off and the book falls. So too do Josh and Hiss regrow, falling off the fly and towards the ground.

Posy and her now little brother witness Hiss fall to his doom. Josh lands on Posy and then the spell book squashes Negy.


Little problems don't need big solutions.


  1. Cheesy is melted by venom.
  2. Sorcery's body bursts to pieces.
  3. Hiss falls and splatters.
  4. Josh lands on Posy.
  5. Negy (shrunken) is squashed by Sorcery's spell book.


  • Posy and Negy were originally going to be shrunken and kidnapped by Sorcery as well.
  • Nobody survives this episode.
  • Everyone dies in this episode.

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