Hippy Problems
Let's hope we find whoever did it for real...
Internet Season: 2
Episode Number: 6
Starring Roles
A generic tree friend
Featuring Roles
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Previous Episode Truffles' Revenge
Next Episode Nail White Part 2

A bit of chaos is going on in Happy Tree Town-and everyone is a suspect.


Hippy walks along a street. He sees a generic tree friend nailing a house together.

From the front of the generic tree friend's face, it is shown to have a face with sharp teeth and an evil look.

The generic tree friend intentionally throws the nail at Hippy. He then impales him in numerous places.

A police officer runs by and the generic tree friend runs away. Flippy comes by and Lumpy the police officer thinks he is the murderer.

Flippy is shown to be given pictures of him as if he were a suspect.

Lumpy then runs across a street and Fungus is seen to be throwing a game into a recycle bin. Lumpy thinks he is the murderer due to his hate of nature and makes him a suspect. He is put next to Flippy, who now has lost the Pac-Man shape on his eyes and sharp teeth.

Trippy is then shown to walk around eating ice cream. Due to Lumpy's stupidty, he thinks that him eating unhealthy made him a suspect.

Each of the suspects are locked up, Flippy trying to bite the bars off. Lumpy walks away and goes and calls the hospital to pick Hippy's dead body up.

Hippy is later seen to be revived and suspicious. Lumpy comes and brings him to where the suspects are to show him who he thinks may have killed him.

A black, shadowy figure comes out from the side of the screen and makes an evil face.

To be continued...


  1. Hippy is hit by a nail and impaled in numerous places, but later revived in a hospital.


  1. The title is a play on "Pale White".
  2. Torn and Rip appear in the background numerous times.
  3. The generic tree friend would later be revealed to be Ale.
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