Lumpy is up to the case.
Internet Season: 2
Episode Number: 7
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Nail White Part 1
Next Episode Pranks for the Memories

Nail White Part 2 is a fan episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series.


The generic tree friend runs toward a rock, where it hides behind. It takes its costume off to reveal it was Ale. Ale quickly looks to see if any changes happened, when Lumpy looks at Ale. Lumpy thinks Ale hiding behind a rock is suspicious and makes her a suspect.

Lumpy walks up to the cell with Hippy and Hippy looks at each of them, but is shocked when he sees Ale. He remembers a flashback when he saw Ale putting on a black suit and looking evily. Hippy tells Lumpy it was her, when suddenly a knife is thrown into the building for some reason and hits Ale.

Flippy, Fungus, and Trippy leave jail, happy to not be framed. Flippy minds his own buisness again, Fungus is seen to litter again, and Trippy gets more ice cream and eats again.

Flippy walks across the street only to be run over by a car. Fungus falls asleep in a trash can when suddenly Lumpy's police car runs over the trash can. Trippy eats ice cream and chokes on it.

Hippy walks in his house and sees a stop sign randomly. He goes towards it and ignores it, only for Lumpy's car to run through Hippy's house and split him in half. Lumpy also dies in the crash. Suddenly, another nail comes out of nowhere and impales Hippy.


  1. Ale is hit by a knife.
  2. Flippy is run over by a car.
  3. Lumpy runs over Fungus.
  4. Trippy chokes on ice cream.
  5. Lumpy crashes into Hippy.


  1. It continues Nail White Part 1.
  2. Nobody survives the episode.
  3. This marks Ale's first death.
  4. Everyone dies in this episode.
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