New Home is a fan episode.

Starring Roles


Superspeed invites Trippy and Robo Star to his brand new home. But it's screwed up. Superspeed looks in confusion but Trippy and Robo Star like it. They all walk in and go up the stairs. Trippy walks in the restroom, while Robo Star ends up in the bedroom. Trippy starts randomly flushing the toliet and Robo Star bounces on the bed. Superspeed starts wondering around confused. Trippy, still flushing the toliet, slips into the toliet and flushes down the toliet, blood coming from the toilet. Robo Star breaks the bed, falls down, and collaspes the house. Before that, Superspeed begins to peel the paint to see if there are any sercets, but now under the rubber of the house. Robo Star gets out and looks around for Trippy and Superspeed.


  • Trippy either drowns or is torn apart in the toilet.
  • Superspeed is killed when his house collaspes.

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