1. Nippy
  2. Hippy
  3. Meaty
  4. Buddy


Nippy, Hippy, Meaty, and Buddy are playing Reach. The gunshots make Nippy flip-out. Buddy continues to enjoy the game when suddenly, his character in the game is shot, but however, the gunshot goes through his character's head and through the TV screen and somehow hits Buddy.

Meaty and Hippy gasp and run away, but Nippy takes off one of Meaty's meat and sticks it in his mouth and he chokes on it. Meaty's face gets more purple until he faints and dies.

Hippy tries to run away, but Nippy puts his face through the TV and he gets eletrocuted to death. As the episode ends, on the game itself, there is a background character with a similiar appearance to Flippy.


"Video games are bad for you. Read more books."


  1. Buddy is shot.
  2. Meaty chokes on meat.
  3. Hippy is eletrocuted.


  1. The title is playing on the console X-Box 360.
  2. The moral is playing on Smosh, where at the end of DEATH NOTE IN REAL LIFE!, it says "Books are dangerous. Play more video games."
  3. Excluding the similiar appearance to Flippy, of the characters appearing in this episode, each character's name has 5 letters.
  4. This is the first time Nippy flips-out, yet not her first appearance. Her first appearance was really in Sleep Walking on Sunshine.
  5. Nippy kills all of the other characters.
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