Nice Killin' Ya! is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • Flippy

Featuring Roles

  • Robo Star


Robo Star is inside his house watching a movie about war. Meanwhile, Flippy walks outside near Robo Star's house and sees Robo Star watching a war movie. Thinking there are soldiers inside, Flippy flips out. He bursts into Robo Star's house. Quickly noticing this, Robo Star runs away while Flippy chases him. A big chase occurs and eventually Flippy catches Robo Star and rips out his organs with a knife. Flippy then pulls Robo Star's intenstines out and clings it to a fan, which slowly drags Robo Star into it and also slowly shredding him alive. The episode ends as Flippy lets out an evil laugh.


1. Flippy shreds Robo Star into a fan.

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