Something seems a little cheesy around here,
but The Mole obviously doesn't notice what.
Internet Season: 3
Episode Number: 11
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
The Mole
Robo Star
Previous Episode Dopework
Next Episode Spiked your computer

Not Yo' Cheese is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends. This episode introduces Cheesy, the mouse with a cheese addiction.


At the movie cinema, Cheesy is working at the snack bar. After giving several tree friends some snacks, he gets hungry. He sees a tray of nachos and melted cheese, and grabs it. He eats the tray but gets the appetite for more cheese. He squeezes the cheese dispenser, only to find out it is empty. He looks for some more cheese, ignoring The Mole who has been waiting for his order.

Cheesy searches in the cupboards behind the bar. He eventually sees the cheese and takes it out. He excitedly puts the cheese into the microwave to melt it, grabbing more nachos as he waits. When the microwave was finished heating, he takes the cheese out and pours some into his mouth. Unfortunately, the cheese was so piping hot that it started melting the inside of his mouth. He tries to run, but slips on some melted cheese on the ground and falls, causing him to be impaled by nacho shells. He sees a bottle of water up ahead and drinks it, feeling cooled down, despite that some water just spilled through his burn wounds.

Cheesy puts the rest of the cheese into the cheese dispenser, immediately squeezing it to get some more. However, the cheese was still too hot. Cheesy squeezed so hard, that the hot cheese squirted all over his body. He stumbled and slipped, getting his head stuck in the popcorn kettle. As it burns, his brains are popped and bursted. The Mole unknowingly scoops up Cheesy's popped brains and walks into the theater.

Later when The Mole has taken his seat, Flaky asks if she could have some of his cheese-covered "popcorn". The Mole hands it over and Flaky grabs some of it. But the molten cheese starts melting her hand, causing her to scream in pain while everyone else in the theater shushes her for being too loud.


"Beat the heat before you eat!"


  1. Cheesy body is melted by hot cheese and his head is bursted to bits in a popcorn kettle.


  1. Flaky's hand is burnt from the hot cheese.


  • Cheesy's injury is similar to Shifty's injury in the HTF Break "Cheesy Does It". Also, his death is similar to Petunia's death in "Keepin' it Reel".
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