Cheesy the mouse is having one of his cheese cravings and decides to consume the cheese on his head. When he does, he gets an intense sugar rush and he screams in pain. Although the cheese was good, he wants more cheese. Conveniently, there is a vending machine nearby.

Cheesy in the fan version of Nuttin' Wrong with Candy (switched to "Nuttin' Wrong with Cheese" to fit his personality)

Cheesy goes over to the vending machine and puts in a coin. As the coil slowly moves the cheese closer to him, Cheesy jitters with anticipation. Finally, the candy flops down but stops, stuck on the coil. This really irritates Cheesy, so he tries to reach into the vending machine's opening to get it out.

Cheesy grabs ahold of the cheese and starts to pull, but it won't budge. He pulls harder, only to have his arm torn off! Even though he has lost his arm, Cheesy cares more about the sugary treat that awaits him inside the vending machine. He rocks the vending machine, foaming at the mouth, causing the vending machine to topple over on him, trapping him inside.

With Cheesy trapped in the vending machine, he ignores the glass embedded in his face and focuses on one of the cheeses that is now in his mouth. Before he can enjoy his little treat, however, the coils activate and edge closer to him. All Cheesy can do is scream as he is ripped apart by the coils. Blood pours out of the machine, the penalty for Cheesy's selfish desire.

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