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O'Clock is a maniacal, clock-eating quokka. He wears braces and sometimes can be seen robbing clock stores to meet his assaugement. His right eye's pupil moves like a second hand. His deaths often involve disintegration or his head.

Character Bio

O'clock does not have much of a distinguishable personality, other than the fact his diet consists of clocks and watches. He has friends, but seems not to care much about the death of himself or others. He is known to have an obsession for clocks, and will go out of his way, stopping at nothing, in order to retrieve them.

O'Clock was part of the original cast, though he is rarely seen now.




Starring Roles

  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
  2. Move it or Luge it!
  3. Run Like Clockworks

Featuring Roles


Appearance Roles

  1. Cell Mates
  2. Piercing Pain
  3. Holly Jolly Folly


  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Motorbikes into a fire and explodes.
  2. Move it or Luge it!: A bobsled impales his head.
  3. Run Like Clockworks: Explodes when he eats to much.


  • He was featured in the WIZ (Who Is Zero) vote.

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