Out of Sight, Out of Time is an episode of Happy Tree Friends.
Time truck

Sniffles with his new monster truck/time machine/death trap





Sniffles is inventing a monster truck. Pranky is "helping" him by replacing the screws with band-aids. He also goes inside the machine to "test" it when he really changes everything.

After Pranky comes out and gives a thumbs up, Sniffles comes in, ready to go. Sniffles sets the controls and runs over Hippy. Apparently, Pranky pulls a lever and suddenly the machine goes wirling around and travels through time.

Suddenly, they have landed in the prehistoric times. Meaty (prehistoric) is eating a whole bunch of bananas from a tree, while a prehistoric Nutty, seeing no candy, eats a new-born dinosaur, who's mother mourns its death.

Sniffles madly looks at Pranky. Pranky begins to back up, but bumps into the unfrozen Cro-Marmot. Cro-Marmot looks at a sheepish Pranky. Pranky apologizes and Cro-Marmot walks away, but a prehistoric Pierce suddenly gives him a wedgie.

Once Pierce runs away, Cro-Marmot thinks Pranky did it and Pranky is beaten to death and Cro-Marmot and a few dinosaurs eat his remains. Sniffles shrieks in mortal terror and runs for his life.

Nutty looks at Sniffles, and, thinking he was a dinosaur, eats his tail. Sniffles quickly runs back to the time machine and time travels. But since it was set backwards, he is put before the Earth was made. The machine pops and destroys while Sniffles suffocates to death.

Meanwhile, Meaty has invented a time machine and is brought to the future and becomes friends with the future Meaty.


"Make good friends!"


  • Hippy is run over by Sniffles' invention.
  • A baby dinosaur is eaten by a prehistoric Nutty.
  • Pranky is beaten to death by Cro-Marmot, whom, along with many dinosaurs, eat his remains.
  • Sniffles suffocates when he accidentally travels before the Earth was made.


  • Cro-Marmot, unlike in Dino-Sore Days, seemed to get along with the dinosaurs.

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