Flicky in the fan version of Out On A Limb (when the tree is about to fall).

In the middle of the forest, Flicky the woodswoman has finished chopping the base of a very large tree. With only a thin line of wood supporting the entire weight and balance of the tree, the tree begins to topple over. Unfortunately, it falls towards Flicky and she trips while running away. She turns onto her back and as the shadow of the tree draws closer, and she closes her eyes in anticipation of death. Nothing happens, however, and Flicky slowly opens his eyes.

We see that the only thing keeping the tree from crushing Flicky is a branch that props the tree up at an angle. Sadly, the branch has landed squarely on one of Flicky's legs, trapping her. Flicky tries pulling her leg out from beneath the tree and pushing the tree off of her, but his efforts are fruitless. Flicky picks up her axe and attempts to cut the branch, but the head of the axe flies off when Flicky swings the axe outward. Flicky stares at the handle of the axe and then curses to herself as she checks the contents of her pockets.

She finds a button, a spoon, and a paperclip. Realizing what she must do to survive, Flicky bites down on the handle of her axe, and starts stabbing her leg with the spoon. This causes a cut to form on her leg, and Flicky cries out in pain. Nevertheless, she continues her efforts long into the night, the spoon getting more and more bloody as time goes on. With tears running down her cheeks and the axe handle between her teeth bitten in half, Flicky has to break the bone of her leg. When the spoon doesn't work, Flicky picks up a rock and hammers the spoon, lodging it into his leg bone. She twists the spoon and the bone finally breaks.

Though in tremendous pain, Flicky falls back and laughs as his ordeal is over. The spoon is now bent and useless, but Flicky doesn't care. She sits up and looks at her leg when suddenly she looks dumbstruck. It turns out she hacked off the wrong leg and she's still trapped under the tree. Flicky screams and sighs before unbending the paper clip. Biting down on her severed leg, Flicky begins all over again, screaming through clenched teeth.


"The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

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