Pachyderm Your Bags.




Eli is shown working a baggage attendent at an airport along with Cuddles. Eli grabs a bag and tosses it to Cuddles, the bag instead lands on Cuddles foot and he falls over in pain catching his ears on the convaterbelt that lift the luggage to the plane. Eli see's this and grabs Cuddles feet trying to pull him off but he instead rips Cuddles in half. Seeing what he's done Eli freaks out and runs to get help. Eli runs into The Mole who is guiding a plane as it lands. The Mole falls over and the pilot of the plane Lumpy gets confused and slams into the airport tower which is manded by MIme and Flaky. The tower falls and crushes part of the airport sending dust into the air. When the dust settles its shown that Eli and Cheesy are the only ones left, Eli sees Cheesy and faints cracking his skull on a piece of rubble.


  1. Cuddles is ripped in half.
  2. The Mole, Lumpy, Flaky, Mime and Gtf's are killed when the airport is cruhed.
  3. Eli craks his skull on a peice of rubble.


  1. This is Eli's deput episode
  2. Eli is responsible for every death in this episode.

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