Party of a Life Time is a fan episode.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


At Sapphire's house, Sapphire is having a party and everyone is all dancing until there's a knock on the door. Sapphire goes to open it. Lumpy is there. He tells her to turn the music down. Disco Bear is dancing in the corner with headphones in his ears. Sapphire leans onto the speakers and by mistake she pushes the button and makes it louder, making Disco Bear's ears bleed and then he falls to the floor dead. Later, everyone all decide to play pin the tail on the donkey. Sapphire ties the blindfold around Toothy and spins him around. But he points at Handy and starts walking up to him. Sapphire and Ale try to stop him but it's too late. The tail is pinned into Handy's eyes and everyone starts panicking. Ale and Flippy flip out, but before Sapphire does she staggers into the bathroom and splashes cold water on herself. However, she starts hearing banging noises that sounds like gunfire. She flips out and goes up to Handy, grabs his head, smashes him into the window, and then throws him out. She then grabs Toothy, pulls out a big japanese knife, stabs it into his forehead, then cuts him down, slicing him in two. Meanwhile, Alice (evil Ale) and Fliqpy are fighting a bit. Sapphire, who has recovered, leaps in the way, and with great force smashes both their weapons. She then tries to stop them, but fails and is thrown into the wall. Lumpy opens the door, about to tell them again, but Fliqpy grabs him and breaks his neck. Alice leaps at Sapphire and they get into a fight. Sapphire dodges her attacks and ends up getting slashed across her back, but she slashes Ale and gets her shoulder. Sapphire then falls onto a bomb that she sets up to kill Ale with, causing the whole house to explode.


  • Disco Bear has his ears burst and bleeds to death.
  • Handy is thrown out of the window.
  • Toothy is sliced in two.
  • Lumpy's neck is broken.
  • Ale gets blown up.
  • Sapphire gets blown up.
  • Flippy gets blown up.

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