Perry is a fanon character of HTF.

Character Bio

Perry is a blue bull who lives in a cave and has two horns protruding from his head. He has sever anger problems, especially those associated with the color red, and will even deliberately kill other characters if he sees it.


Starring Roles

  1. Wherefore art thou Rodeo?
  2. Reel Deal
  3. Perry's Anger Smoochie
  4. Play Grounded
  5. Work it Out
  6. Eu Te Ammo

Featuring Roles

  1. Mall for One
  2. Jam the works
  3. Ski what I mean
  4. Diet and Exorcize
  5. All Greek To Me
  6. Creators Collide
  7. Sloppy Seconds
  8. Take the Ox by the Horns
  9. Paint-ful
  10. Exit to the Tree Shop
  11. The Junk in My Trunk
  12. King of the Round
  13. Blood Moon
  14. Nunthing on Me
  15. On the Small Progress
  16. The Nose That Glows
  17. Good Rebels
  18. Sphere to Stay

Appearing Roles

  1. Back On The Addle
  2. Anger Mismanagement
  3. Nipping Mad
  4. A Whole Lot of Bull
  5. Caught on Camera
  6. Biting Resistance
  7. Have a Wool Trip


  1. Wherefore art thou Rodeo? - Strangled by Howdy's lasso.
  2. Ski what I mean: Skull is ripped out
  3. Reel Deal: Brain is fried
  4. Perry's Anger Smoochie: Neck is broken, Sliced to shreds, Rips head in half
  5. Play Grounded: Skull is impaled
  6. Diet and Exorcise: Dies from alcohal poisining.
  7. All Greek To Me: Beheaded.
  8. Creators Collide: Rocket crashes into him.
  9. Sloppy Seconds: Killed by Sheathy.
  10. Anger Mismanagement: Suffocated by gas.
  11. Take the Ox by the Horns: Crashes into booth.
  12. King of the Round: Flattened by boxing glove.
  13. Eu Te Ammo: Killed by a tree.
  14. Nunthing on Me: Electrocuted by Lumpy's taser, possessed by Damion.
  15. Caught on Camera: Beheaded by Fliqpy. (off-screen)
  16. On the Small Progress: Died inside the collapse.
  17. The Nose That Glows: Impaled by lightsaber.
  18. Good Rebels: Ran over.
  19. Biting Resistance: Killed inside explosion.
  20. Sphere to Stay: Falls off the cliff.

Kill count

  • Howdy - 1 ("Wherefore art thou Rodeo?")
  • Checkers - 1 ("Reel Deal")
  • Buck and Chuck - ("Reel Deal")
  • Flaky -2 ("Play Grounded","Caught on Camera" along with Fliqpy)
  • Boz -1 ("Play Grounded")
  • Yin and Yang -1 ("Play Grounded")
  • Cuddles - 2 ("Play Grounded" "Work it Out")
  • Toothy - 2 ("Play Grounded" "Work it Out")
  • Britton - 1 ("Creators Collide")
  • Bella - 1 ("Creators Collide")
  • Swindler - 1 ("Sloppy Seconds")
  • Puffy - 1 ("Take the Ox by the Horns" along with Mass)
  • Devious - 1 ("Paint-ful")
  • Grafitiy-1 ("Exit To The Tree Shop")
  • Raymond-1 ("Exit To The Tree Shop")
  • Lumpy - 1 ("King of the Round")
  • PJ - 1 ("Eu Te Ammo")
  • Snowflake - 1 ("Eu Te Ammo")
  • Crescent - 1 ("Blood Moon" debatable)
  • Spirit - 1 ("Blood Moon" debatable)
  • Tango - 1 ("A Whole Lot of Bull")
  • Jerky - 2 ("The Nose That Glows" along with Random,"Good Rebels" along with Zet)
  • Wrinkles - 1 ("Biting Resistance")
  • Bother - 1 ("Sphere to Stay" along with Quartz)


Bull fight
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