Pia is a yellow fox who likes Dolls, Tea Parties, Talking About Conspiraces, and Candy. She is friends with Sana, Flaky, and Ziggles. She also has a crush on some characters, including Toothy, Disco Bear, Splendid, Trippy, Britton, Nutty, Rip, Torn, and Howdy.


​Starring Roles

​Featuring Roles



  1. You're Happy, You're Ugly: Knived to death. (off-screen)
  2. Torn and Rip's Revenge: Eyes cut out, head eaten.
  3. Trouble Double Crosser: Killed in the fight.
  4. The Right Side Of The Tracks: Crushed by bags.
  5. Sooner or Laser: Crushed by a skyscaper.
  6. Better Early Than Ever: Died when a circus tent burnt down.
  7. Fight at the Museum: A giant shark's jaw closed on her.
  8. The Sweet Smell of Mint: Ran over by a cart. ​(debatable)
  9. Heads or Tails: Head collided with Trippy's head.
  10. This Is Your Love: Brain ripped out.
  11. Biting Resistance: Face bursted into pieces.

Number of kills

  • O'Clock - 1 ("Treasure Those Idol Moments")
  • Licky - 1 ("Okey Dokey, Artechoke" ​along with Lazy and Cheeks​)
  • Flaky - 1 ("Okey Dokey, Artechoke" along with Lazy and Cheeks​)


List of Characters

TrippySuperspeedRobo StarAleRipTornHowdyPiaXinxFlickySir GronHippyFireballLessyRexSapphireFungusAvaZigglesBrittonGuddlesFuddlesBuddyWaddlesSpotGutsyCheesyPuffyPrankyHoppySpokePepperyMeatyNippyElliottWoolyBuck and ChuckPierceJoshDeviousCraftyBastionLickySicklyTimberDeckerJackyDocEmily & Kit-KatCryptieGloomyThirstyFloral and FawnEasterBiscuitSavaughnOtusLamanaToadOwletsStacyHatchyFoxyBrushyVanillaBunGary, Larry, Mary, Jerry and ClaryRaymondRandomPawsRayleneIrin and The ClamsLucy CloverDaphneLillieHowlLuna

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