Pierce's Punk Smoochie is a smoochie starring Pierce.


  • Pierce grunts
  • Pierce makes a sinister chuckle

Smoochie options

1. Punching bag

Pierce sees a punching bag hanging from a chain. Pierce punches it, but it swings and pushes him aside. Pierce gets mad and punches the bag several more times, then kicks it. Pierce sticks his fists up with victory, but the punching bag swings back and knocks him into a wall (the side of the screen). It swings back again six times and eventually splatters him against the wall.

Punching bag

Pierce gets a taste of his own medicine.

2. Rock n' Roll

Pierce grabs a rock guitar and stums it. He starts to play it and sings (though terribly). Suddenly, one of the guitar's strings breaks. Pierce throws it away and pulls out a microphone. He taps it and sees it is not on. He pushes a button, then it makes a high-pitch screech that causes Pierce's head to explode.


Here's someone you won't see on American Idol.

3. Yoga

A mat surrounded by several candles appears on the screen. Pierce checks to make sure nobody is looking. Then he sits down and prepares to meditate. Unfortunately, a fly buzzes around an disturbs him. Pierce tries to ignore it, but is eventually driven mad. He tries to swat the fly, but trips on some of the candles. He gets burned to a crisp and falls on the mat. Seconds later, the mat is set on fire and the alarm goes off.


Yoga fire (Dhalsim reference)

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