All the Happy Tree Friends are having the time of their lives at the carnival, though at one booth a lot more is happening. As Jussy is playing at Wooly's carnival stand, throwing baseballs to knock down milk bottles, Lumpy arrives to give it a go.

Lumpy puts money forward to play and Wooly sees no harm in letting him play. Wooly takes the money and gives Lumpy two balls. He throws the first one and it bounces all over the stand like rubber. Eventually, the support beams holding the window to the booth open are knocked away, sending the window falling down on Jussy. When all is said and done, Jussy is missing the top half of her head.

With one ball left Lumpy makes another attempt, unaware that the window has closed. The ball bounces off the wall and hits a lever to the Ferris wheel, causing it to spin out of control. This flings 18 Generic Tree Friends off in random directions and causes the Ferris wheel to come off its hinges.

It speeds towards the stand where Wooly sticks his head out the window to see the Ferris wheel rushing towards him. He tries to get away but the wheel cuts him (as well as the booth) in half, causing his intestines fall out of his body. In all the confusion Lumpy gets his prize, a blood-spattered teddy bear which he hugs.

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