1. Belle (The Squirrel)
  2. O'Clock
  3. Handy


Belle knocks down some skittles at an amusement park. As she throws the ball, Handy stops and wonders if he can join in. O'Clock hands him two balls and Handy uses his head (as he has no hands) and the ball goes all over the place. Handy tries to pick up the ball but, having no hands he drops it. The ball knocks over the poles and the top of the attraction falls on Belle, slicing the top of her head off. Handy throws the ball but it hits a ferris wheel. It rolls over to the attraction, cutting O'Clock in half. A teddy bear falls on Handy who hugs it.


  1. Belle has the top of her head sliced off.
  2. 18 Generic tree friends are flung off and crushed by the ferris wheel.
  3. O'Clock is cut in half by the ferris wheel.

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