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The Platypus Aliens are characters of HTF fanon.
Platypusalien new

Their design, as of Platypus Evolution

Character Bio

They are green platypuses with large black eyes. The leader wears a black helmet, gloves, boots, and cape, and orders all the others to fulfill his deeds. They tend to make duck-like quacking noises when they talk. Their powers include glowing, levitation, mind control, shooting acid.

They also carry deadly ray guns. In Season 63, they would undergo a change in their design; having spiked tails, antennae, and longer bills with sharp teeth. They will also have new powers and abilities.

Their main goal is to destroy the world and/or turn all the HTFs into their slaves.



  1. Warning
  2. Splendid's Space Adventure
  3. Gangsters and Aliens
  4. Break of the Platypi (Ka-Pow!)
  5. Fall Problem
  6. Blast Off
  7. E.T.M. (Extra Terrestial Monotreme)
  8. U.F.M. (Unidentified Flying Monotreme)
  9. Out of this World


  1. Hole-y Smokes
  2. Mayor May Not
  3. SunFall
  4. Five To Nine
  5. Abduction


  1. Give Me Some Space
  2. Living Daymare
  3. Disco Night
  4. Crash Landing


  1. Warning - One dies from an unknown cause, the leader and the others are devoured by zombies.
  2. Gangsters and Aliens - Shot by Al Capone, the leader is pushed into a pit.
  3. Splendid's Space Adventure - One is vaporized, the rest are killed by Splendid.
  4. Break of the Platypi - Some are crushed on a ship by steps; two are splattered on a broken building; some are hit by pieces of a broken ship by Lary and Mary.
  5. Fall Problem - Young platypus alien is impaled by leaves; ship crashes; platypus aliens smashed by ship.
  6. Blast Off - Some burn from melted cheese, others crash into an asteroid.
  7. E.T.M. (Extra Terrestrial Monotreme) - Melted by water.
  8. U.F.M. (Unidentified Flying Monotreme) - Some have their heads explode from Melody crying; the leader and the others crash into an asteroid and explode
  9. Mayor May Not - Ran over by The Mole.
  10. Give Me Some Space - Hit by asteroid.
  11. Living Daymare - Hit by Gutsy.
  12. SunFall - Hit by the sun.
  13. Disco Night - Crash into the moon (only in dream).
  14. Platypus Evolution - Die in a crash.
  15. Abduction - Die in a crash.
  16. Out of this World - Die in a crash.


  • They made their debut appearance in Warning.
  • They were chosen to be platypuses because of the platypus' odd appearance.
  • The leader is probably a base on Darth Vader because of the similar-looking helmet and cape. Both also kill their own minions.
  • There is a young platypus alien who doesn't have much expierence. He is usually only for lookouts.
  • They are the first characters to die in Season 2.


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