Pop and Cub Switch-a-thon was a special marathon on the Happy Tree Friends website. It included every episode that Pop and Cub appeared in and they switched places. The only episodes not included of Pop and Cub are appearance roles, or ones where Cub appears without Pop.


All plots will be posted here to prevent a clutter of fan version pages.

Havin' a Ball

Cub and Pop are having a nice little ball game, but Cub has a slight mis-throw, and the ball bounces off of Pop's head. The ball ends up across a busy highway, filled with speeding semi-trucks! With an expectant Pop wanting his ball back, Cub knows he hasn't really got much of a choice but to fight through the traffic.

As Cub travels through the traffic, you can hear him scream in pain from the bludgeoning impact of the trucks. In the distance, behind Pop, a helicopter flies away. When Cub finally makes it to the ball on the other side, he is a total mess. He has a steering wheel sticking out of him and skid marks on his face, but at least he gets the ball. He picks it up with a smile, but then walks straight off a cliff.

As Cub falls, he looks down to realize that he is heading right for the helicopter's rotor blades. He hits them and is totally shredded, forming a neat pile of body parts on the ground. The ball and his hat, however, are untouched. While Cub could not get to the ball without certain death, his father climbs down the cliff with climbing gear; picking up his ball with a happy smile.

Unfortunately, Lumpy, who was strapped to the helicopter by a gurney, becomes disconnected and plummets down on top of Pop. Lumpy suddenly tries to move his gurney, when suddenly the helicopter comes crashing down on him. Despite this, the ball remains untouched. As a final decoration to this slaughter, Pop's hat lands perfectly on top of the ball.

Chip Off the Ol' Block

While Cub relaxes in a hammock near a pile of freshly raked leaves, Pop mows the lawn. One of the blades of the lawn mower hits a brick, however, and prevents Pop from continuing his task. He bends down and tries to remove the brick while the lawnmower is still running, but luckily Cub sees this and rescues Pop before anything bad happens. Cub places Pop on the hammock, removes the brick from the lawn mower, and proceeds to mow the lawn himself.

Cub eventually comes upon broken glass and syringe needles in the yard, which he unknowingly runs over with the lawn mower. The debris that flies out from under the lawn mower cuts into Pop's skull, killing him and knocking his body off of the hammock. Cub then walks up, raking a few loose leaves into the nearby pile. He lights his pipe and throws the lit match into the pile of leaves, setting it ablaze. A gust of wind reveals that Pop's body lay hidden beneath the pile.

Snip Snip Hooray

Pop happily sits in his highchair as Cub brings in a tray containing a comb, a pair of scissors, and an electric shaver. Pop sees the shiny scissors and reaches for them, only to have Cub slap his hand away.

Cub removes Pop's hat to reveal that Pop has a full head of long, flowing hair. Cub begins cutting Pop's hair with the scissors, but stops when he accidentally cuts Pop's right ear off. Pop starts crying and Cub starts panicking as blood flies out of Pop's wound.

The scene changes to Pop happily holding a lollipop while wearing a bandage over the right side of his head. Cub proudly looks at Pop and then looks for the electric shaver, which he has apparently misplaced. He hears a buzzing sound and looks up to see a laughing Pop, who now has a flap of skin detached from his forehead, holding the shaver, while Pop appears not to care about his loss.

Cub rushes over and grabs the shaver, quickly turning it off. Cub cautiously combs and pushes down on the loose flap of skin on Pop's head without any cries or protests from the child. Satisfied, Cub tries to turn the shaver back on, but to no avail. He sees that the shaver has become unplugged, so, setting the shaver down next to Pop, he goes to plug it back in.

Pop starts playing with the shaver, and puts it in his mouth to suck on it. Cub plugs the shaver back in, and it starts tearing the inside of Pop's mouth, throat, and eventually his esophagus to pieces. A dead and bloodied Pop falls face down on his highchair while an oblivious Cub searches for his scissors. Locating them, Cub cuts a lock of Pop's hair, brushes some loose hair from his head, and replaces Pop's hat, all the while unaware that his father has died.

Water Way to Go

Its morning at the beach, and Cub and Pop have arrived early for a fun day in the sand. After Cub accidentally drops a large, heavy cooler, Pop grabs a can of soda and tries to drink from it. With nothing coming out of the can, Pop starts biting down on it. Cub takes the can to open it for Pop, but because it was shaken up, soda sprays in Cub's face and the can flies into Pop's face. Cub stares in horror as the can continues fizzing and pushing itself deeper into Pop's face.

Later, Pop, despite having two band-aids and a large bruise on his face, happily sips soda from a cup. Cub then comes up to Pop, holding a small shovel and bucket, offering to play. They build a sand castle and Cub buries Pop up to his neck in sand. Cub sees an ice cream truck in the background and goes off to buy a sugary treat. Unfortunately, while he was away, the tide came in. Cub sees Pop's hat floating in the water.

Beneath the water, Pop screams in terror. Cub walks right next to Pop's head, but can't see him and walks away. A few seconds later, Pop's face gets hit by a boat. Cub frantically pushes a motorboat into the water, causing the bottom of the boat to scrape the skin off of Pop's face. With a huge chunk of skin hanging off his face, Pop finds the propeller of the boat right in front of him. It slowly starts cutting his face as Cub tries to get it to start. Finally it starts and Cub moves forward, unaware of the pool of blood forming behind the boat. Cub grabs Pop's hat and shouts for him in panic. Behind him, seagulls start eating Pop's remains that float on the water.

Hello Dolly

Petunia happily pushes a baby carriage, holding a teddy bear, through the park. She stops walking when she notices something shiny in the bushes. She picks up the Cursed Idol and likes it, so she decides to leave her teddy bear on the ground and put the idol in the carriage. As she walks beneath some trees, some birds fall to the ground, dead. They go unnoticed by Petunia, however.

Petunia comes upon Cub, who is in the background reading a newspaper, and Pop, who happily plays in the water of a leaking fire hydrant. Pop waves hello to Petunia as she walks by, but as soon as she passes, the water pressure from the hydrant increases significantly. Pop is thrown against a brick wall by the force of the water. When the water dies down, all that's left of Pop is some blood, his intestines, and his hat.

Next, Petunia happens upon Disco Bear, who dances in the park while listening to disco music on a pair of headphones. When she leaves, however, the volume of the music Disco Bear is listening to suddenly begins increasing to the point of pain. Before he can remove the headphones, his head explodes.

Petunia returns home and settles into bed. She turns off the lamp next to her bed, but she turns it back on when she hears a squishing/crunching noise. She screams in terror when she finds that her heart is stuck on a spring from her mattress which has impaled her body. She tries to push her heart back into her body, but this causes other springs to impale several other organs. She slowly dies, letting off a weak death rattle as she goes. The Cursed Idol, now donning a night cap, lies next to her in bed, no doubt the cause of her demise. The screen then cuts to black while the sound of a lamp being turned off is heard in the background.

Stealing the Spotlight

Lumpy walks out of his trailer, holding a coffee cup and wearing a nightcap, apparently having just woken up. He looks with pride at the broken and flickering blue Christmas lights that decorate his home, but he spits out his coffee when he looks over at Cub's house. Cub and Pop are working together to string up brand new, multi-colored Christmas lights. Jealous, Lumpy mutters beneath his breath and retreats inside his trailer. As he closes his door, his Christmas lights fall down.

Meanwhile, Pop plays with a hammer while Cub decends his ladder. He picks the ladder up and carelessly swings it around, accidentally knocking Pop face first to the ground. One of Pop's front teeth falls out of his mouth, and he begins crying. After sticking the tooth back into Pop's mouth fails, Cub uses his hammer to force the tooth into Pop's mouth. He and Pop are both satisfied with the result, even though the tooth is clearly not where it should be.

Lumpy drags a heavy ball of Christmas lights, while Nutty comes hopping down the road carrying a lollipop. He sees the brightly colored Christmas lights and mistakes them for candy. He throws his lollipop away and starts eating the cord of Christmas lights, not realizing he's consuming plastic and glass rather than the sugar he craves. As Lumpy tries to hang up his Christmas lights, he feels some resistance in the cord. He yanks it and we hear a squishing noise as Nutty screams. Later, Lumpy stares proudly at his lights, not noticing that Nutty's digestive system and organs are attached to the them.

On the roof of his house, Cub hammers down nails to tie the Christmas light cords around. As he hammers, a bucket of nails next to him slowly slides to the edge of the roof, eventually falling off. Cub looks down from the roof and sees that the bucket has landed top-down on Pop. From Pop's point of view, we see Cub lift the bucket in horror and then replace the bucket as he is about to vomit. Inside, Cub removes the nails lodged in Pop's head with the claw of his hammer. One nail won't come out, however, so Cub hammers it down and smiles, satisfied despite Pop's cries.

Back outside, Cub and a bandaged Pop plug in their Christmas lights, amazing spectators, including Lumpy. Realizing that he has to pull out all the stops, Lumpy drops a small Christmas light he's holding and sneaks away while still holding onto a larger bulb. Back at Lumpy's trailer, a crowd gathers to see Lumpy's decorations. Lumpy has many items stacked on his trailer, tied together with Christmas lights. The items decorating Lumpy's home include a street lamp, a disco ball, Lumpy's car, and a lighthouse light, among other things.

Lumpy, donning a pair of tinted safety goggles, throws the switch to his lights, lighting up the entire forest. While shielding her eyes, Giggles' arm catches fire which soon spreads to her entire body. Behind her, a blinded Lifty and Shifty run into each other. Cub's head begins to boil, while the top half of Pop's body explodes. Toothy and two Generic Tree Friends are instantly vaporized from the extreme heat of the light, while The Mole actually has to shield his eyes. The rays from Lumpy's lights are so strong, they even cause the moon to explode. Lumpy, burnt and blackened, turns off the lights and removes his goggles whereupon his eyes immediately melt. Nearby, The Mole gives Lumpy a thumbs up, not realizing that his thumb is on fire.

Read 'Em and Weep

Cub and Pop are walking along when they come upon Toothy, who is selling books. Pop takes a fancy to a book featuring a castle on the cover, but Cub, noticing the dollar sign on the table, (thinking that it is expensive) disagrees. Upon seeing a box with a cent symbol on it, Cub decides to buy Pop a book that resembles an agonized face. Later that night Cub reads the book to Pop causing clouds to swirl over their house and birds to fall out of the sky. Cub closes the window and turns out the lights, leaving a terrified Pop alone in the darkness. A strange, ominous glow appears in Pop's room, and when he looks down to see what it is, he is attacked by an unseen force.

The next morning Cub makes breakfast for Pop, who is now green and in a zombie-like state. After refusing to eat his breakfast, Pop's head rotates 360 degrees and Pop vomits a green fluid all over Cub. The doorbell rings and Cub answers the door to see Petunia, dressed as a girl scout, selling cookies. Suddenly, a tentacle wraps itself around Petunia and pulls her offscreen. We now see that Pop has tenacles and a beak coming out of his head. While Petunia clings for dear life on a cabinet under the sink, the monster in Pop's head tears the skin and tail off of Petunia's lower body. She manages to escape into the area beneath the sink. She starts crying from the possible pain she's enduring or from fear or possibly for both reasons, but the tentacles emerge through the pipes and grab her again. The tentacles attempt to drag Petunia through the drain of the sink, crushing her body in the process. When she gets stuck, the tentacles use the garbage disposal to grind up her body, bringing her cries of pain and fear to an end. While the beak begins eating Petunia's mangled remains, a panic-stricken Cub places a phone call.

The doorbell rings again and Cub answers to find Lumpy, a priest/exorcist. He is immediately vomited upon by Pop, who he then tackles. Lumpy struggles with the monster in Pop's head and eventually succeeds in tearing it out.Pop, now his normal color and minus the monster in his head, looks at his body and smiles happily. Unfortunately, Cub, not realizing that Pop has been cured, continuously hits Pop with a shovel until he is a flat, bloody circle. Later, Cub and Lumpy stand at Pop's grave, mourning his death. Before the episode ends, a tentacle comes out of Lumpy's mouth, which he quickly places a hand over.

Can't Stop Coffin

During a backyard baseball game, Cuddles hops a fence to retreive a ball overthrown by Cro-Marmot. When he lands on the other side of the fence, however, he finds himself in an empty coffin sitting in a grave. He tries to lift the lid off the coffin a few times, but his attempts are thwarted by Lumpy who shovels dirt into the grave, weighing down the lid of the coffin. Because Lumpy is listening to music on a pair of headphones, he can't hear Cuddles' screams.

Inside the coffin, the panicking bunny scratches the lid in a vain attempt to free himself. He lights a match, revealing that he's worn away the nails and skin of his fingers and left scratches and blood traces all over the lid of the coffin. The match ends up setting the coffin ablaze and Cuddles screams in terror. Lumpy, meanwhile, smells the smoke coming from the ground and imagines a steak.

Cuddles' ears and head have been burned, but luckily for him, water starts pouring into the coffin via a hose Lumpy is using. Unfortunately the coffin begins flooding. Lumpy ties a knot in the hose, but not before the coffin is completely flooded. Lumpy then tries to drive away in his truck, but he accidentally puts it in reverse and drives onto the grave he just buried Cuddles in. Frustrated, he puts the car in drive and steps on the gas, causing the wheel to spin and his truck to sink deeper into the mud. As a result of this, Cub and Pop, who are mourning at a grave nearby, get splattered with mud. To make matters worse, the headstone behind Lumpy's truck flies out and crushes Pop.

Cuddles is just about to drown when Lumpy's tire destroys the lid of the coffin. This removes the water, but now the tire spins against Cuddles' face, scraping his skin off while he screams in agony. In The Mole's home, underground, the coffin falls down and knocks The Mole's refrigerator further underground. The Mole walks up to the coffin, thinking it to be his refrigerator, and opens the lid up. He reaches in, pulls out one of Cuddles' eyes, and polishes it on his shirt before walking away.

Cuddles falls out of the coffin and crawls on the floor, deformed and groaning in pain and exhaustion. Before he can make it far, however, Lumpy's truck falls through the ground and crushes Cuddles. Meanwhile, The Mole watches TV, sitting behind a coffee table where there sits an apple eaten down to the core and Cuddles' eye eaten in the same way.

A Sucker for Love

Cub gives a large lollipop to Pop, who thanks Cub and begins licking it. As Cub walks away, a jittery and giggling Nutty enters the scene and spots Pop's treat. Nutty daydreams of himself in a meadow, laughing and spinning around with the lollipop in a loving way. He rushes over and takes the candy from Pop, who begins crying. Alerted by his father's sounds of distress, Cub hurries back and fights over possession of the lollipop with Nutty. After a short struggle, they both let go of the lollipop at the same time, causing it to fly away and land on, as well as get stuck to, Pop's face.

Cub pulls the lollipop off, but this ends up tearing Pop's face off and sends the lollipop flying into the air. As Cub picks up Pop and runs off to find help, Nutty goes after the flying lollipop. He attempts to make a diving catch, but he just misses it as it falls off a cliff. Nutty sadly walks away, but he perks up when he sees a gumball machine. He now imagines himself spinning around in a meadow holding the gumball machine. He daydreams again about himself getting to second base with the machine in a movie theater, by jiggling the coin knob. Finally, he sees himself entering a house with the machine in his arms, with him wearing a top hat and the machine wearing a bridal veil.

Back in reality, he rushes over and puts a coin in the machine. The machine doesn't dispense a gumball, however, and Nutty anxiously begins shaking it. When nothing comes out, he smashes the glass bowl of the machine with a garbage can. He scoops up some gumballs and glass shards that fell on the ground and begins chewing both, badly cutting his mouth and teeth. He blows a bubble, but when it pops glass shards get embedded in his face and he screams in pain.

Later, The Mole, a paramedic, puts one last adhesive bandage on Nutty's already bandaged and stitch-covered face. Though Nutty looks sad, he again perks up when he sees a heart-shaped box of chocolates in a candy store window.

Nutty has a daydream, wearing a top hat, carrying the box of chocolates, wearing a bridal veil, into a house. He then imagines himself and the box of chocolates riding a tandem bike together. Next, Nutty makes breakfast in bed for the box of chocolates, getting milk from Lumpy the milkman.

Afterwards, Nutty rides in an ambulance next to the box of chocolates lying on a gurney. The box has a bulge in its center, which means it's at the end of its pregnancy and suddenly its water breaks. The scene now shifts to Nutty happily carrying a small box of chocolates in his hands while pushing a stroller with three other small boxes of chocolate. Next, as Nutty comes home from work, Lumpy exits his house, chocolate covering his face. Nutty is then seen angrily looking at photos of Lumpy popping chocolates, from the box of chocolates, in his mouth. Nutty swears vengenace, when suddenly the scene shifts to him being in jail (possibly due to murdering Lumpy for eating his "wife and children").

Later, now dressed in a striped shirt and hat and missing his usual candy wardrobe, he walks to the visiting area. He sees the box of chocolates, seeming to have a dent in one of its corners (possibly from being beaten by Nutty in his rage from its affair with Lumpy), on the other side of the glass. Nutty cries and begins licking the glass. Finally, on the day Nutty is released from prison, he sees the box of chocolates waiting for him in a car. He rushes over to the car and begins weeping and kissing the box, sorry for the way he treated it.

The scene shifts again, and now Nutty and the box of chocolates are old and on rocking chairs. Nutty hears a thump and sees that the box of chocolates has fallen off its rocker, apparently having died. Nutty cries in anguish while eating the chocolates that fell on the ground. Before returning to reality, the elderly Nutty stands in the rain at the box of chocolates' grave.

In the real world, Nutty runs over to the store and tries to enter, only to find that the door is locked. He begins pulling on the doorknob, trying to get inside. His commotion causes a candy cane sign hanging above the door to fall down. It knocks off Nutty's tail and becomes stuck in a small hole in his back. Screaming in pain, he runs away.

Elsewhere, Cub and Pop are in The Mole's ambulance which is speeding away towards the hospital. The Mole takes his eyes off the road and reaches down to grab something off the floor of the vehicle. Nutty runs into the road and slips on the gumballs that fell on the ground when he broke the gumball machine in the previous episode. He looks up and sees the ambulance speeding towards him and, before he can move out of its way, he gets hit.

Nutty is dragged along the road by the front of the ambulance, scraping his stomach on the asphalt. When the ambulance turns into the hospital, Nutty is impaled and cut on a spiked speedbump the ambulance drives over. Inside the ambulance, The Mole gives Pop what he was looking for: The lollipop from the previous episode, with Pop's face still attached to it. Before the episode ends, Cub squeals in fright at the sight of his bloody, severed face (or in joy to have found the face).

Clause For Concern

A Santa Claus outfit is seen in a dryer in Cub and Pop's basement. Cub takes out the contents and brings them upstairs while Pop comes crawling and gets stuck in a sack. Cub puts on his Santa Claus outfit and prepares to drive for the mall. He puts his sack in the trunk and tries to close it, but he hears a scream. Cub tries closing it again, and soon succeeds. As he drives off, one of his tires hits a small rock, causing a part of the sack to fall and leave a trail of what appeared to be blood on the road, while a dog sniffs the scent and decides to follow.

Cub soon stops at a stoplight and discovers the dog trying to tear open the sack, with several other dogs waiting nearby. Cub comes and manages to pull it from the animal's jaws, as the sack flies onto a railroad. A train then runs it over, but Cub waits patiently for the train to pass. As the train continue to run, Cub continues to wait and eats a sandwich. Cub soon reads a newspaper and eventually goes to sleep as the train still continues its course. After a long wait, the train finally passes. Cub begins to pick up the sack, but is stopped by another passing train. When the other train passes, Cub proceeds his task, but is once again interrupted by The Mole passing by on his handcar. Afterwards, Cub finally manages to pick up the sack.

Cub is then seen at the mall sitting on his throne. Truffles walks up to him, and Pop proceeds to pick up a gift from the sack. He picks up a talking doll whose head falls off, and Cub sees that the gift is broken. He tries to find something else, but picks up a paint tray smeared with red paint. He then picks up some sausages, leading him to confusion. As it turned out, Pop was still at home inside another sack.

After the credits, however, he is seen reaching for a light switch and is soon smashed by the door when a disappointed Cub opens it.

From Hero to Eternity

While having a friendly snowball fight, Giggles makes a snowball, but Giggles did not noticed about that it had a spike at the center she throws it at Cuddles. Suddenly, Giggles accidentally hits Cuddles in the eye with a snowball that has a sharp rock in its center, knocking Cuddles to the ground. Meanwhile, Splendid flies into a laundromat where Cub and Pop await their laundry. Giggles walks over to Cuddles to find that his eye has been pierced by the rock in the snowball, and he is bleeding profusely. Splendid hears her screams for help, and, after putting his clothes and change in a washing machine, he flies off to investigate.

He arrives to find a panic-stricken Giggles standing over Cuddles, who has stopped moving. Splendid begins giving Cuddles mouth to mouth, but, due to his super breath, he ends up inflating Cuddles to the point where he pops. Even though the resulting pop has knocked down trees and shot Cuddles' blood and organs everywhere, Splendid still listens for a heartbeat by placing his ear against Cuddles' exposed ribcage. When he doesn't find one, he briefly mourns Cuddles' death and places a detached piece of Cuddles' stomach skin over his face.

Cuddles' explosion has also knocked Giggles to her back and ruptured her ear drums, throwing off her balance and vision. Splendid runs to her and happily pats her on the head before taking off. The wobbly Giggles stumbles over the the edge of a cliff and falls off, onto a snowy slope below, picking up snow as she rolls. The snowball that is forming as she rolls down the slope approaches Petunia and Toothy who are building a snowman. Splendid hears the rumbling of the snowball and rushes to block the snowball from hitting them. Unfortunately, he misses the snowball and Petunia and Toothy get caught up in it.

Splendid flies after the snowball, using his eye lasers to try and melt it. This, however, only succeeds in splitting the snowball in two and cutting Toothy and Petunia in half. The snowball halves roll down two different paths, leaving Splendid with double the work. He takes care of one half of the snowball by picking up a tree, which holds a treehouse where Nutty and Sniffles play checkers, and uses it as a baseball bat to knock the snowball away. This lands on Handy's freshly shoveled driveway. He angrily kicks the side of his house, which detaches a sheet of ice from the roof, which slices off the top part of Handy's head. Splendid resets the tree in the ground, but the force of his swing caused Nutty and Sniffles to be splattered all over the treehouse's walls.

Splendid is then about to punch the other half of the snowball to oblivion, when he hears the washing machine his clothes are in buzz. Abandoning his cause, he flies back to the laundromat, where Pop has climbed into Splendid's clothes basket for fun. Splendid flies in, piles his clothes in the basket, and tosses everything from the basket into the dryer, not noticing Pop. He puts some change in the dryer and flies off, annoying Cub for flying so quickly.

Elsewhere, Lumpy drives a tank truck along the highway, when he sees the other half of the snowball in his rear view mirror. Lumpy waves the snowball, indicating it can pass him, and then begins cursing the snowball out. He suddenly finds his truck being lifted off the ground by Splendid. Splendid flies to the outskirts of a city where the snowball is headed and throws Lumpy's truck to the ground, crushing the lower half of Lumpy's body beneath the truck. Splendid uses his eye lasers on the truck, causing it to explode and send the upper half of Lumpy's body flying into space.

The snowball rolls onto the truck and is melted by the fire from the explosion. This, unfortunately, causes the town to flood. To get rid of the excess water, Splendid drills a hole in the ground to allow the water to drain. The water level quickly drops, but citizens are sucked into the whirlpool of water that flows down the hole. Luckily, the water stops flowing before Giggles is sucked in. Splendid flies down and again pats Giggles on the head, who bids him farewell as he flies away.

The ground begins rumbling and Giggles looks into the hole, only to have lava fly out and burn her head. She runs away as lava begins flooding the town. Giggles ends up running off a cliff, and forming a new snowball as she rolls down another slope. Back at the laundromat, Splendid collects his clothes, but is confused when he sees all of his whites are now red. He looks in the dryer to see Pop's blood, organs, and hat all over the interior of the dryer. Acting nonchalantly, Splendid flies out of the laundromat, once again annoying Cub.

And the Kitchen Sink

Cub pulls Pop in a wagon to the top of a hill in the park. When cub takes a break and begins lighting his pipe, Pop rolls down the hill, hits a broken and elevated piece of sidewalk, and goes flying off the wagon into a cactus patch. Cub slowly begins moving through the cactus patch to find Pop, shouting in pain as the needles scratch and prick his body. At this time, Lifty and Shifty walk by and steal Pop's unattended wagon. When Cub finally makes it through the cactus patch, he finds that Pop has landed safely in the mud a few feet away from the cacti. To add insult to injury, Cub also discovers that there is a sidewalk he could have taken that leads around the cactus patch. Pop is filthy from having landed in the mud, so Cub decides to give him a bath.

Back at home, Cub puts Pop in the sink and turns the water on. He leaves the room to answer the phone, and while he talks he smells something coming from the kitchen that reminds him of a hotdog. Realizing what it is, Cub runs back to find Pop crying while hot water fills the sink. The bottom half of Pop's fur has been burned away, so Cub cools the water down by throwing in some ice cubes, steaks, and a frozen chicken. He gives Pop a rubber duck, replaces Pop in the cool water, and all is well.

Suddenly the light begins flickering, prompting Cub to play with the switches on the wall. Unfortunately, this activates the garbage disposal, which begins pulling Pop, the chicken, the steak and the ice cubes down into the water. Cub turns the disposal off and tries taking Pop out of the sink, but he appears to be stuck. Cub goes to work under the sink, playing with the pipes to try and fix the situation. He removes a piece of the pipes and water sludge falls on his face. Cub sees a bone sticking out of the drain and tries removing with his wrench. This only makes Pop scream in pain, leading Cub to realize that the bone belongs to Pop. Thinking, Cub suddenly gets an idea.

Pop now has a rope tied around his body with the other end being attached to the back of Cub's car. Cub steps on the accelerator, but this only strangles Pop. Cub applies an increasing amount of pressure to the gas pedal, until the car shoots forward, dragging behind it Pop, the sink, and a chunk of the wall of the house.

Up ahead, while Flaky nervously crosses the road, she narrowly avoids being hit by Cub's car. Unfortunately, she ends up getting hit and killed by the section of the wall being dragged by the car. Further down the road, Cub hits Cuddles and Giggles with his car while hitting Toothy with the chunk of wall his car is dragging. He then drives between two large semi trucks, which ends up knocking the wall off the end of the rope, but leaves Pop and the sink still flying after Cub's car. Cub swerves his car to avoid hitting Lifty and Shifty, who use Pop's wagon to pull a bundle of meat. They laugh at their survival, but end up getting cut in half by the rope connecting Pop to Cub's car.

Cub comes to a stop a few feet in front of a cliff, but the sink comes flying at full speed and breaks through the back windshield and out through the front windshield of Cub's car. The sink is finally removed from Pop's body, and he swings down and slams into the side of the cliff. Cub begins pulling the rope to pull up Pop, but the rope is cut when it rubs up against the broken glass shards of the windshield. Pop falls down to the river below, once again landing in the sink. To make matters worse, Cub's car finally falls off the edge of the cliff and lands on Pop. Luckily, neither of them are killed, and they embrace as they float in the river. Their celebration is short lived, however, as they find themselves headed for a waterfall.

Cub wakes up, having been washed ashore, and begins vomiting. He looks over and sees Pop's head lying on the sand nearby. He begins crying and mourning his son's supposed death, but when he pulls Pop up, Pop coughs revealing that he was just buried up to his head in sand. Later, Cub puts a bandaged and happy Pop into the bathtub, making sure to check the water temperature before doing so. Once again he leaves Pop to go answer the phone, but when he comes back he sees the bathtub overflowing and Pop's hat floating on the water.

Don't Yank My Chain

As a lone car swerves down the highway we go inside to find Handy driving, while The Mole holds a map in the passenger seat. The car's fuel gauge quickly reaches empty and while the duo stops at a gas station to fill up, Lifty and Shifty emerge from the bushes to steal their car. Not long after taking off, they are stopped by Lumpy, a state trooper. The brothers panic at the thought of being arrested, but they come up with a plan upon gazing at Handy and The Mole's luggage.

Lumpy walks up to the car as a state trooper and takes Handy and The Mole's driver's licenses from Shifty, who now wears one of Handy's hard hats while Lifty wears a pair of The Mole's sun glasses and one of his turtlenecks. Lumpy glances into the backseat of the car to see both suitcases open with hard hats, canes and turtlenecks strewn about the car. Handy and The Mole come running up to the car, out of breath, and explain to Lumpy what happened. Lumpy looks at both groups and the licenses several times, trying to decide which group is the rightful owner of the car.

The scene changes to Handy and The Mole, badly beaten up by Lumpy, being locked up in jail due to Lumpy's stupidity and their protests going unheeded. Handy sees the keys to the cell and tries to grab them unsuccessfully, only to find that the cell door is unlocked. The two try to run away, but they are pulled back into the room by a heavy ball, attached by a chain to their legs. Later, Lumpy discovers they're gone and sounds the alarm, as Handy and The Mole flee the prison with The Mole carrying the heavy ball in his hands. They rest for a moment at the top of a hill, but The Mole sets down the ball towards the edge of a cliff. The ball rolls forwards, and both are dragged down a sharp, rocky cliff, where they are bruised and cut even further.

The duo land at a tree stump where a sledgehammer and a spike sit. While Handy holds the spike in his teeth above the chain, The Mole raises the sledgehammer above his head. He loses his balance, however, and stumbles back into a well, dragging Handy and the ball along with him. Back at the top of the cliff, Lumpy tracks Handy and The Mole using a bloodhound. The bloodhound gets their scent and takes off down the cliff, dragging Lumpy along behind him.

Meanwhile, Cuddles approaches the well that Handy and The Mole fell into, and begins turning the handle to raise the bucket. When he sees Handy emerge from the well, he gets scared and runs away screaming, allowing the bucket to fall and sending Handy plummeting back into the well. Elsewhere, the bloodhound finds a piece of The Mole's turtleneck that tore off on the sharp rocks. Lumpy blows his nose on the cloth and congratulates the dog.

Handy and The Mole finally make it out of the well and run away as they hear the bloodhound howling in the distance. Cuddles comes back to the well and calls out to whoever may be inside. He almost falls in, however, and clutches to the side of the well for dear life. The bloodhound approaches the well and looks in. Lumpy, not even looking into the well, drops and breaks the bucket on Cuddles' head. Cuddles begins falling and when he reaches the end of the rope, his body is pulled from his head, which remains in the bucket. Lumpy pulls the bucket back up to find Cuddles' head floating in a pool of blood. He then throws it back down the well in disgust.

Handy and The Mole continue running, until they come upon a rowboat docked in a river. They begin rowing away just as Lumpy approaches, shouting after them. Handy finds a hacksaw in a toolbox on the boat, but as The Mole tries to cut the chain, he accidentally cuts the boat in half. The two almost drown from being pulled down by the ball, but they manage to pull themselves up on a log floating in the river.

Handy thinks all is well, until he looks over and sees they are headed for a sawmill. They attempt running away, but a bunched up group of logs blocks their path. Handy tells The Mole to get in the water and leave the ball on the log so when the log goes up the ramp to the saw, the ball will be cut in half. Unfortunately, the ball falls in the water, dragging The Mole down and sending him straight into the headsaw where he silently flails as his head is sawed in half. Handy, realizing he's next, spots the controls and dives at the off button with his head, managing to deactivate the saw. Handy briefly mourns The Mole's death, but he flees again, hearing the bloodhound howling not far off.

Things are incredibly difficult now, as Handy must pull the ball as well as The Mole's body, without any hands to aid in the process. This leads to his leg being cut by the shackle around his ankle. He sees that he's next to a set of railroad tracks and upon hearing a train approaching, he gets an idea. He lays the ball and The Mole's body on one side of the tracks, while lying himself on the other side of the tracks, with the chains running over the middle. When the train comes, however, he gets dragged along by the train because the chain gets caught on a cowcatcher.

Handy gets dragged along the ground and the side of the train, eventually losing his tail from the extreme friction he faces. The train approaches a tunnel and Handy screams in horror just before he slams into the side of the tunnel. Pop, a passenger in the train who was watching Handy from a window, turns around to face Cub, who screams as he sees Handy's eyes over Pop's, acting as a pair of googly eyes.

Up ahead, Handy's car runs out of gas and stops on the railroad tracks, just as the gates come down. Lifty and Shifty shout at each other over the incident before realizing that the train is coming. The train hits the car, leaving a small trail of blood behind it. Back at the tunnel, the ball comes bouncing out along the tracks and bounces off a cliff. Lumpy stands below, still looking for the fugitives, when the ball lands on his head, crushing him to death. As the episode ends, the dog sniffs the undamaged ball.

Doggone It

As Lifty and Shifty drive away, Cub takes Pop to a pet store to buy a dog. Cub sees and falls in love with a cute puppy, named Whistle, while Pop has his heart set on a vicious dog that is locked up in a steel cage. Cub denies Pop's wishes, but Pop soon grows to like Whistle as much as Cub.

Elsewhere, Lumpy, an animal catcher, is contacted via a radio in his truck to attend to an urgent issue. As Lumpy arrives at the scene, he finds a hysterical Cuddles covered in purple bruises. Cuddles explains to Lumpy what happened and then runs away in fear. Lumpy opens the door to a nearby house, only to have tentacles pop out of the door and windows of the house. He looks in to see a giant squid clutching Sniffles, Handy, Petunia, and Toothy in its grasp. Lumpy readies a mouse trap, enters the house, and handily disables the squid, dragging it behind him to his truck, with Petunia and Sniffles still in its tentacles.

Back at Cub's house, Pop happily plays with Whistle in his bedroom. Cub leaves the room, whistling as he goes, but returns to the room upon hearing Pop screaming. He enters the room to find blood everywhere and Whistle attacking Pop's lower body. As Lumpy finishes tying the squid to the back of his truck, he gets a call from Cub, himself now being attacked by Whistle, to come help. Lumpy arrives and Cub places Whistle in Lumpy's net. As Lumpy gets back to his van, however, he discovers that Whistle chewed through his net and ran off.

Meanwhile, Giggles puts a tea kettle on the stove and takes a basket of laundry outside. As she begins hanging her laundry on a clothesline, a bird flies down and Whistle approaches. Giggles begins hugging and playing with him but when the bird whistles, Whistle begins viciously attacking Giggles. Lumpy hears Giggles' screams, but he arrives too late to save her. He spots the dead Giggles, who is missing all the skin on her body except for her head, and Whistle, who is sitting there happily wagging his tail.

Lumpy is confused and thinks about the situation, when Giggles' tea kettle begins to whistle. Whistle suddenly gets aggressive and begins biting Lumpy's chest. Lumpy pulls Whistle off of him and throws Whistle into the streets near Mime. Mime sees The Mole driving down the road, about to hit Whistle. As Lumpy hops over a fence, Mime blows on a whistle to warn The Mole, causing Whistle to grow aggressive and attack The Mole in his car. The Mole's car swerves near Disco Bear, who struts down the sidewalk. Mime blows his whistle again to warn Disco Bear of the approaching vehicle, but this only causes Whistle to start attacking Disco Bear.

Lumpy begins thinking about the connection of Whistle's attacks, slowly connecting the dots in his head. By now, Whistle has begun tearing out Disco Bear's intestines and runs away with them as Disco Bear follows. Mime once more blows his whistle, causing Whistle to turn his sights on Mime. Lumpy has finally figured out that whistles are what trigger Whistle's aggression, and he tackles Mime just as Whistle is about to attack him. While Lumpy accidentally swallows the whistle, Mime is knocked halfway into the road where his head is run over by a car.

As Lumpy struggles to breathe with the whistle in his throat, he lets out whistling noises which cause Whistle to chase after him. Lumpy is brutally attacked by Whistle, but he is able to escape and hide. He successfully coughs up the whistle, but when he lets out a whistle of relief, Whistle appears and chases Lumpy up a tree. At night, when Whistle is asleep, Lumpy finally climbs down from the tree. Lumpy picks up the now quiet Whistle, but he's shocked to see the squid attached to his truck has freed its tentacles and is now sitting right-side up. Lifty and Shifty's van approaches where the two brothers fight over a dollar. They scream when they see the squid, which fires ink at them for protection. Unable to see the road in front of them, they slam their van into a tree, fly through the windshield, and are crushed to death when they fly into the tree.

The back of their van opens up and hundreds of dogs identical to Whistle fall out of the back, knocking Whistle out of Lumpy's hands. Not knowing which is Whistle, Lumpy blows on Mime's whistle. One of the dogs arches its back and snarls, leading Lumpy to believe he's found the right one, when suddenly all of the other dogs do likewise. The dogs begin jumping on Lumpy, tearing him to pieces. Before the episode ends, we see two dogs fighting over one of Lumpy's antlers.

Sea What I Found

Early in the morning, Russell wakes up to his parrot alarm clock and goes to the closet to change peg legs. There's a knock at the door and he opens it to see Lumpy, eager to go fishing with him.

At the pier, while Lumpy and Russell are fishing, Pop and Cub decide to go see the ocean view through binoculars. Cub sees some dolphins, so he holds up Pop to the binoculars to see them. Suddenly, Cub sees Disco Bear strutting in his speedo with a boom box. Distracted, disturbed, and disgusted by this sight, he points the binoculars up straight towards the sun, which burns Pop's eyes right through with its magnified rays. Cub, noticing Pop's death, runs from the scene.

As they leave, Lifty and Shifty appear with a crowbar. Lifty tries to break the money box loose, while Shifty sees Lumpy reeling in a message in a bottle. Lumpy opens it to find a treasure map, with a treasure chest located next to a large X. Shifty tells Lifty to look through the binoculars with him and they both see the map. Russell and Lumpy decide to go treasure hunting and Lifty and Shifty decide to follow them.

As the twosome pack everything up on Russell's ship, Lumpy sees water moving outside a window. This makes him seasick and he throws up, but it turns out he was just looking at a washer Russell is pushing outside the window. The two take off and pass by an unsubmerged yellow submarine, where Disco Bear sunbathes. Lifty and Shifty steal the submarine and submerge it, lowering Disco Bear in the water. He is impaled through the torso by the periscope when it shoots up out of the water.

When Russell and Lumpy reach the spot of the treasure, Russell goes down into the water with an old fashioned diving suit. He wears a large brass helmet over his head, where he receives oxygen via a hose leading up to the boat where Lumpy turns a handle to pump air. Russell monitors his air level by a gauge on his wrist and indicates he wants more air by tugging on the hose which rings a bell for Lumpy. Russell finds and picks up the treasure, but Lifty and Shifty quickly push him away and steal it. Russell let's out a long, drawn out "Yaaaaaaar!" as he falls slowly to the ground through the water, while Lifty and Shifty pass the time by playing chess while waiting, along with a crowd of fish watching them. When Russell finally lands, Lifty and Shifty swim back to the submarine with the stolen chest and quickly ride away.

Russell, angered by this, grabs sea creatures and uses them to create a small underwater vessel to chase Lifty and Shifty's submarine. When he tries to move, however, the ship breaks apart. To add injury to insult, the sea creatures he used in the construction of his boat gang up and attack him. When the dust settles, Russell realizes that he's almost out of oxygen.

He anxiously pulls on the hose, ringing the bell and waking up Lumpy who proceeds to turn the oxygen handle. Russell continues pulling the hose, not getting any oxygen. Lumpy suddenly realizes he's standing on the hose, causing a huge bulge of air to remain stationary. He lifts his foot, causing the large air bubble to inflate Russell's body and detach the hose from the machine. The hose flails wildly and cuts Lumpy and the ship to pieces. Lumpy's remains float down past Russell, who begins floating upwards. He screams as his body inflates further, until his muscles break through his skin due to decompression sickness and he acts like a water volleyball.

Back in the submarine, Lifty and Shifty open the chest and fill their pockets with gold. The submarine begins floating over an underwater volcano, causing the pipes to burst and parts of the submarine to collapse. Lifty gets pinned under a beam and Shifty, more greedy than concerned, takes the bracelets from Lifty's arms and puts them on his own. Lifty can only look on as his heartless brother heads for the exit.

The submarine becomes extremely hot, causing the bottom of Shifty's feet to get stuck to the ground. He can't get through a doorway due to the weight of the gold he's carrying and his bulging pockets. The gold on his body and in his hat begins melting, slowly covering him in gold. The submarine explodes and Lifty makes it out alive. He sees Shifty's golden body float downward and his greed leads him to grab on. He can't lift the weight, however and his hand gets stuck, dragging him down to the bottom of the ocean where he drowns. On the beach, Cuddles finds the treasure map in another bottle. He looks at the map and finds Lifty and the golden Shifty now near the X.

Easy For You to Sleigh

On Christmas Eve, Cub cooks up a meal while singing "Deck the Halls". He checks the turkey to see if it's done, but smoke pours out of the oven and sets off the fire alarm. Cub, wanting to protect Pop's hearing, gets the ladder and tries to turn it off. He ends up breaking it and removing the batteries to stop the noise. Outside, Lifty and Shifty (the former wearing a Santa hat) plan to ransack Cub's house by going down the chimney with a sack. They come out of the fireplace and are about to steal Cub's possessions when suddenly, they see a Christmas tree with ornaments and a star on top. They decide to steal the tree instead, but it's too big to fit through the chimney. Eventually, they give up and leave the tree stuck in the chimney as they hunt for easier gains.

As Cub sets a fire in the fireplace, Pop wants him to read a Christmas story before going to bed. As Cub begins reading, smoke begins flowing out of the chimney and filling up the room. Because the fire alarm's broken, Cub and Pop don't realize this and they both succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lifty and Shifty next set their sights on Mime's tent, only to find it empty. They both watch Mime pantomiming washing his face, frying an egg, and putting a bag of money inside a safe before leaving the room. They shrug their shoulders and enter the tent, pretending to steal the imaginary safe and put it in the bag. When they leave the tent, they're disappointed by how little they've accomplished.

Next, they see Flippy's house, which they enter through the chimney. Inside, Lifty and Shifty see numerous rare antiques and a huge plasma screen TV in the den, where Flippy sleeps in his armchair with a plate of cookies on his lap. They tell each other to be quiet before going about their task, but they end up knocking over a picture frame, breaking a vase, and turning on the TV while a trumpet plays revelry with flashing lights. Amazingly, Flippy doesn't wake up through any of this, so Lifty and Shifty decide to steal everything in his house.

After they are done removing every last appliance, decoration, and piece of furniture in the room, as well as tying Flippy to a cinder block, Lifty and Shifty decide to take some of the Christmas cookies on Flippy's lap. As they take one, however, a crumb falls to the ground, making a tiny breaking sound, and wakes Flippy up. To his horror, he finds himself restrained just like he was when he was captured during the war. He flips out in anger and breaks free from the ropes.

Lifty and Shifty try to escape through the door but Flippy locks them in, forcing them to run in the other direction. While running, Shifty sees candy canes that look like stakes flying at him. He ducks, while an oblivious Lifty is impaled in the torso. Shifty keeps running until he sees a fancy candle holder in a bear trap. He carries a bag of sand and attempts to match the weight of the bag with the candle holder's. He successfully switches the items around and runs for it. In a moment of ill-fated greed, he comes back to grab the bag, however, and the bear trap snaps off one of his hands. Meanwhile, Lifty begins licking the candy canes in an effort to escape.

Shifty continues running and narrowly avoids stepping in a snare trap made with Christmas lights. He then turns to see Flippy, who crushes a glass Christmas ornament in his hand and blows the dust into Shifty's eyes. The blinded raccoon takes a few steps back and gets his leg caught in the snare trap. Using one of the Christmas tree cookies as a bowie knife, Flippy cuts open Shifty's torso, spilling blood everywhere while Shifty screams in pain. A happy Flippy takes a bite out of the blood-stained cookie.

Lifty, meanwhile, finally licks through the candy canes and falls out of the trap. He looks up to see a shadowy figure that looks like Shifty standing on a stack of boxes and pointing to an exit out a window. He climbs the pile and jumps out the window, only to discover that Flippy is wearing Shifty's skin and hat in order to trick him. Lifty flies into a baler and is torn apart. Flippy drives the baler away and Lifty's carcass comes out of the machine in the shape of a Christmas present under a tree. Lights on the tree begin blinking, resembling a Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, back at Mime's tent, he turns on the light only to discover that his "safe" has been stolen.

Every Litter Bit Hurts

As Giggles finishes placing items in her recycling bins, Lumpy, the garbage man, drives up in his garbage truck. They bid each other hello, but when Giggles leaves Lumpy throws everything, including the recycling bins, into the back of his truck. Later, Giggles goes swimming in a lake beneath a large dam. After a few seconds she sees random items floating in the water and discovers that Lumpy is dumping his truck in the lake. Enraged, Giggles goes over and yells at a nervous Lumpy who drives away, his truck releasing exhaust everywhere. Giggles feels the need to act.

Giggles organizes a lake clean up, recruiting Cub, Pop, The Mole, and Sniffles for her cause. She hands Sniffles a bag to collect garbage and replaces The Mole's white cane with a litter stick. The Mole gets right to work, picking up a flower, killing a frog, and stabbing Sniffles in the foot, all the while thinking he's picking up trash.

Giggles looks up from her clipboard to see Lumpy standing on a dock, throwing lit sticks of dynamite into the lake as a means of fishing. He dumps his cooler in the lake to make room for the fish, releasing some beer bottles and six pack rings. Once more, an enraged Giggles goes over to chastise the clueless Lumpy. On her way she passes by Cub, who fishes garbage out of the lake, using a hook. He waves over to Pop, who sits on a rock in the middle of the lake. Pop falls in the water when he tries to grab one of the dead fish Lumpy threw back in the lake that is floating by.

Again Giggles yells at Lumpy, who acts embarrassed as he apologizes. Meanwhile, Cub continues taking garbage from the lake, when Pop emerges from the water with a six pack ring caught around his neck, choking him. Giggles ends her ranting at Lumpy by telling him to use a fishing pole rather than dynamite. Not comprehending Giggles' idea, Lumpy ties dynamite to the end of the fishing line and accidentally blows up Pop when a stick of dynamite gets stuck in his mouth. Lumpy angrily throws the broken fishing pole away, while Cub scoops part of Pop's skull out of the river, unaware of his son's death.

Lumpy is about to drive off in his truck, when the exhaust kills a flower Giggles was planting. She yells at Lumpy to fix the problem, prompting him to jam a pine cone in the exhaust pipe. When Cub hooks Pop's hat out of the lake, he realizes Pop is missing and begins frantically searching for his father. When Lumpy begins driving off, the now-flaming pine cone is launched out of his exhaust pipe and pierces Cub's head, setting him ablaze.

A little further from the lake, Lumpy gets ready for a picnic. Having difficulty getting an olive out of the jar, Lumpy cuts down an entire tree and sharpens the stump to provide him with a toothpick. He uses the toothpick to eat a single olive and then tosses it away, impaling a nearby snail in the head. Lumpy then pulls out a lawn chair and gets ready for sunbathing, but his plans are thwarted by a large pine tree. Rather than simply move, Lumpy takes out his chainsaw and again prepares to cut down a tree to satisfy his own selfish desires.

Giggles sees this, so she and Sniffles run up and chain themselves to a tree to stop Lumpy. They soon discover, however, that they chained themselves to the wrong tree. Lumpy cuts the tree down and it falls over, splitting the tree Giggles and Sniffles were chained to in half. Giggles manages to escape, but before she can unchain Sniffles, he is decapitated and split in half. Really angry now, Giggles stands in the way of the fleeing Lumpy's truck. Swerving to avoid her, his truck ends up crashing near the dam overlooking the lake.

Lumpy is badly injured, having slammed into the steering wheel. He uses his feet to roll down the window and toss one of his lit cigars out the window, as it is teetering dangerously close to hundreds of sticks of dynamite sprawled all over the truck. Unfortunately for him, the cigar lands in a pool of gas, which leads back to the truck. To make matters worse, several sticks of dynamite are in the gas puddle and numerous other sticks of dynamite litter the ground nearby.

The truck explodes, sending Lumpy flying into the air and destroying the dam, causing the area to flood. When some of the water clears, Lumpy hangs upside down from the top of a tree with six pack rings all over his body. Several heavy pieces of garbage hit him in the head, including a toilet whose seat breaks off around Lumpy's head. Pop's body then comes floating by, and his outstretched hand latches onto one of the six pack rings on Lumpy's antlers. Lumpy's body is stretched as Pop floats away and his body is then cut in half when the tree stump he sharpened earlier hits him in the back.

The water level decreases, and Giggles slides down a tree having barely survived the flood. She is happy, however, as the flood completely cleaned the area and creates a rainbow in the sky. She happily sighs at a job well done, when she is suddenly impaled in the chest by The Mole's litter stick from behind. Despite her screams, The Mole puts her heart in his bag and continues walking while Giggles falls down and dies. As The Mole walks, his bag is dragged across and cut on a sharp rock, spilling all the garbage he collected back to the ground. Before the episode ends, Giggles' heart beats one last time.

A Hole Lotta Love

We begin with Cub and Pop walking through the park. While Cub taps out the ashes in his pipe, Pop wanders over to a broken down well. Cub sees this and barely manages to save Pop from falling in. Cub tells Pop to stay where he is, then follow Pop's gaze over to Cro-Marmot's ice cream truck. When Cub turns back around, however, Pop is gone, leaving only his hat behind. Cub, fearing for the worst, begins tossing a rope down the well in hopes that Pop would grab on, coming up empty every time.

Cub runs over to a picnic table where Lumpy, Sniffles, and The Mole are reading and eating, demanding help. Sniffles gets an idea, smiles, and they all go to his workshop where the group begins working on a device, drawing up plans and welding metal. Lumpy, meanwhile, spends the entire time eating cans of beans, forcing him to run to a nearby outhouse.

The next day, Sniffles' creation, a large drill machine, crashes out of the workshop. They begin burrowing underground, but The Mole is instantly killed when a small glass bubble he rides in is crushed against the ground. Cub takes the map out of The Mole's dead hands, but is shocked to learn that the map The Mole drew up is nothing more than scribbles. Cub and Sniffles stop and ask Handy, who just finished laying some underground pipes, for directions to the well. Handy explains how to get there, pointing as he does. Due to his lack of hands, however, Cub can't understand where Handy is telling them to go. After Handy gets mad and yells at Cub for the confusion, Cub and Sniffles leave, destroying Handy's pipes in the process. Poisonous gas begins seaping out through the pipes and Handy, unable to turn off the gas, falls down dead but.

Cub and Sniffles begins fighting over the steering wheel, causing them to burrow in random directions and jump out of the ground in several places. The fin of the machine emerges in the middle of a road and begins chasing Mime, who juggles while riding his unicycle. Mime pedals away in fear, eventually relaxing when the fin goes back underground. He looks up to see, however, that Petunia is driving straight at him. Mime braces himself for the impact, when the fin reemerges and cuts Petunia's car (and Petunia herself) in half, leaving Mime unharmed. Half of Petunia's car knocks down garbage cans in front of Cuddles' house. He opens a window and looks out, shocked at the damage.

As Cub and Sniffles continue their struggles for control of the vehicle, the steering wheel breaks off. The machine pops out of the ground and goes back underground, the force of the impact causing Mime to fly up in the air. He lands perfectly and throws the three balls he's juggling at the door to Cuddles' house. When Cuddles comes outside, Mime tries in vain to explain to Cuddles what happened when Cuddles shakes his head and does not know what Mime is talking about. The fin suddenly comes by and slices off the front part of Cuddles' house, causing it to fall forward on Cuddles and Mime. They run away and the windows of the house end up falling over them. Mime is unhurt as he is under the window that Cuddles opened earlier. Cuddles, however, is not so lucky, he is sliced to pieces from the glass of the other window.

Sniffles and Cub try to replace the steering wheel on the controls, but the drill hits an underground wall of concrete. The drill becomes stationary as it's lodged in the concrete, but, because it's still activated, the rest of the machine begins spinning at a fast rate. Cub manages to get to the controls, while numerous cans of beans fly out of a cupboard and begin bouncing around. They pierce Sniffles numerous times and when Cub finally manages to stop the machine, half of Sniffles' body is missing.

Back at the well, Pop comes skipping by with an ice cream in his hand to retrieve his hat, having never fallen in the well in the first place. The machine begins driving towards Pop, but Cub is concerned that Pop might get run over by it. He goes to the top of the machine, where The Mole was earlier, and tosses an anchor to stop the machine. Mime, now out of breath and slowing down, ends up getting his head crushed by the anchor. The machine stops just short of running over Pop, but Cub accidentally knocks Pop down the well when he opens the door. Sighing, Cub goes back underground to search for Pop. The drill reemerges, however, under the outhouse Lumpy is in, shredding him to death.

Mime to Five

Mime walks by a gag shop and sets his eyes on a brand new unicycle in the front window. Wanting to buy it, he is disappointed to learn he has no money. He goes home, picks up his newspaper, and begins looking through the want ads. Scrolling through the jobs, Mime decides to get a job at Russell's pirate-themed fast food restaurant.

Mime gets put on drive-through detail, with Cub and Pop being his first customers. Cub angrily shouts into the speaker box when Mime, being a mime, doesn't say anything. Thinking something's wrong, Mime turns up the volume on the box, which lets off some high pitched feedback. The pitch and volume of the noise make Cub and Pop's ears bleed and the windshields of all the cars in line to break, the shattered glass killing their occupants. Russell fires Mime for this blunder and Mime goes back home to look for a new job.

This time, Mime decides to try his hand at being a life guard. He scans the ocean, using his hands as a pretend pair of binoculars. He spots Sniffles drowning out in the water and runs towards the beach in what appears to be slow motion. Petunia walks by in the background, however, revealing Mime is intentionally running slowly in the name of showmanship. He drags an imaginary body onto the sand and performs CPR on it, apparently losing his patient. Sniffles' dead bloated body washes ashore and Petunia faints, falling on Sniffles' chest and causing the water in his body to spray into the air from his mouth. Mime, knowing he messed up again, opens an imaginary umbrella and sadly walks away.

Looking through the want ads yet again, Mime decides to become a window washer. He works diligently at a doorway to a barber shop, leading Disco Bear to caustiously move forward to get inside. He discovers there is no glass in the doorway and walks inside, annoyed. After getting his hair done, he once again sees Mime cleaning the space in the doorway. Figuring Mime is just acting again, Disco Bear walks through the doorway. Unfortunately, a sheet of glass was placed in the doorway while he got his hair done and he gets cut by the glass, falling down dead. Mime throws his bucket away, realizing that working is harder than it looks.

As he walks away, a flyer flies in his face, advertising the circus. Realizing he's found the perfect job, Mime gets ring master Lumpy's attention to apply for a job. After his juggling, plate spinning, and balancing acts get him nowhere, Mime balances on one hand, spins a plate on his nose, does a fire breathing trick, and juggles active chainsaws with his feet, all at once. Finally grabbing Lumpy's interest, Mime is hired to do random chores, such as cleaning up after the elephants.

Curious as to what's going on inside, he peeks through the tent to see Lumpy leading his group of killer ducks through a ring of fire. On the trapeze, a nervous Flaky hugs the pole while Cro-Marmot amazes the audience, and Mime, with an amazing, yet unseen, flip. Mime sadly walks back to his task, when Lumpy calls him over. He tells Mime to put two, and only two, spoonfuls of gun powder into a cannon for the show. Mime runs over to Toothy, the operator of the cannon, and tries motioning Lumpy's instructions, which Toothy apparently understand. When Mime leaves, however, we see Toothy is confused, as he begins pouring 2 barrels of gun powder instead of 2 spoons of gunpowder.

Mime sees Lumpy paying Cro-Marmot and decides to ask for his money. Lumpy, misunderstanding Mime's outstretched hand, tosses Mime a shovel to resume his chores. Meanwhile, Toothy begins pouring a second barrel of gun powder into the cannon, indicating he didn't understand Mime's instructions about using the measuring spoon. Cuddles, dressed in a cape and helmet, is then lowered into the cannon for his act. Toothy fires the cannon, but, because of the amount of gun powder he put in, the cannon explodes. Toothy, black and burning, flies backwards and smashes into a pole where he turns to dust. Cuddles, on the other hand, flies forward, having been cut in half at the waist with his intestines holding his two halves together.

Cuddles' bottom half wraps around the pole Flaky is standing on, splashing blood in her face, while he stretches out and grabs onto another pole. Flaky, blinded by Cuddles' blood, begins walking on Cuddles' intestines as though she's on a tightrope. She loses her footing and begins falling to the ground. Luckily, Mime hears her screams and pushes a trampoline beneath her, bouncing her back upwards. Thinking she's safe, Flaky is sliced in half when she flies into Cuddles' intestines.

Flaky's blood splashes on Lumpy, who is currently feeding his killer ducks. The ducks smell the blood and fly out of their cage, eating and tearing Lumpy apart. They begin flying throughout the circus, causing the crowd to flee in panic, except for The Mole, who just claps. Giggles gets attacked and eaten alive by a group of ducks before the tent collapses and the ducks fly away. Mime exits the fallen tent, sees Lumpy's overflowing wallet, and decides that since Lumpy won't need it anymore, he may as well take it. Back at the store, Mime is heartbroken to see the unicycle has been sold. Cro-Marmot rides out of the store and into the sunset on the unicycle, where one of Lumpy's ducks perches on his block of ice.

Letter Late than Never

While sorting letters at the post office, mail carrier Lumpy begins rummaging through the mail. He begins eating the contents of a box of chocolates while reading a letter. He gets chocolate all over the paper and blows his nose on it when the letter begins to make him cry. He then takes and stretches out a sweater from a box, before picking up his mail bag and heading out on his route. Before he leaves the building he looks at a painting of another mailmoose on the wall, saluting and taking pride in his duties.

As he walks up to his first house, he is frightened to see a doghouse with a skull over the doorway. He is relieved to find a turtle come out and begins rubbing its head with his finger. The turtle bites down hard on his finger, making him scream and flail wildly. He begins running back to his mail truck, but numerous obstacles slow him down as the turtle slowly chases after him. While trying to find the right key to open the door, he is attacked by the turtle. He barely manages to get in his truck and escape with his life.

He licks a stamp, puts it on one of his cuts, and sadly takes his mail carrier's hat off. When he looks at a mini picture of the mailmoose, however, he gets a resurgence of pride and puts his cap back on. His next stop is Cub and Pop's house. Cub had previously taken out the garbage including a cardboard box, which Pop, wanting to play, climbed into. Lumpy thinks the box is mail and tosses it into his truck. He turns around to see the turtle slowly walking up the road to attack him again. Lumpy looks through the mail for things to protect himself and eventually comes across a can of dog repellent. He has difficulty pointing the can forward and sprays himself in the eyes three times before getting attacked by the turtle again. Once more, he manages to escape into his truck and drives off.

Lumpy puts more stamps over his cuts and swears loudly as he throws off his mail carrier's cap. Upon looking at the picture of the mailmoose, however, Lumpy once more feels pride for his job and continues on his way. He now comes to Giggles' house and realizes that the sweater he's wearing is meant for her. He takes it off and puts it back in the box, but when Giggles puts it on it's too big for her. Lumpy drives off and carelessly splashes Giggles with muddy water. The sun comes out, however, drying they water and causing the sweater to shrink to a perfect fit. Giggles laughs at her luck, but starts getting choked when the sweater continues shrinking. Eventually it becomes so tight it forces her head to fly off like a deflated balloon, where it lands in her mailbox.

Next on Lumpy's route is Cuddles' house, where Lumpy, for some reason, thinks the box he picked up at Pop's house is supposed to go. Lumpy realizes the box is too big for the mailslot, but decides to slide it through anyway. Cuddles hears Lumpy and walks to his door. He grabs the box, which now resembles a pizza box, from the slot. He opens the box and he sees Pop's flattened body, resembling a bloody, bone and organ-filled pizza. Cuddles drops the box and runs away, screaming.

Lumpy finally reaches the last house on his route, but upon trying to put a letter in the mailbox, it collapses. He sees the house is up a tall mountain, so he begins his trek to do his duty. Neither rain, nor snow, nor heat, or gloom of night keeps him from the completion of his appointed rounds. He makes it to the top of the mountain, only to find the turtle waiting for him. He backs away in fright and falls off the mountain, breaking numerous bones and dislodging part of his spine from his body when he hits the ground. The turtle appears before him and grabs Lumpy's foot in its mouth. It begins pulling Lumpy into its shell, eating him as it goes. Lumpy sees the dog repellent and tries to grab it to save himself, but his antlers touch the button and send the spray right into his eyes. As the turtle finishes eating Lumpy, it spits one of his antlers out of its shell. Before the story ends, the turtle belch loudly with Lumpy's blood.

Easy Comb, Easy Go

Disco Bear showers and then dries his hair in a large hard hat hair dryer. The smoke from the dryer floats up to the sky and cuts a hole in the ozone, intensifying the sun's rays and vaporizing Toothy, the mailman. Disco Bear goes outside to collect his mail, but one of his hairs enters the spot of exposed sunlight. As a result, that hair gets badly burned, distressing him.

Disco Bear runs into a barber shop where The Mole has just finished shaving Lumpy, placing a towel over his face. Disco Bear tells The Mole to cut off his burnt strand of hair, but unfortunately The Mole ends up cutting off all of his hair with the exception of his sideburns. Disco Bears runs away, screaming in humiliation, while The Mole removes the towel on Lumpy's face to reveal he shaved Lumpy's skin off. Lumpy puts on some aftershave and screams in pain.

Disco Bear runs in panic until he comes upon a wig shop with a purple afro in the window. Before he can get to it, however, Mime purchases the wig and exits the store, where Petunia and Giggles immediately run to him in admiration. Disco Bear tries to put the moves on them, but all three of them taunt and tease him by laughing at his appearance. He walks away sadly when suddenly he comes upon Sniffles, who is running a cotton candy machine. Disco Bear, getting an idea, shoves Sniffles away and sticks his head in the machine. His scalp is burned by the heat of the machine, but he is happy with the resulting cotton candy afro. Before he leaves, he makes himself a stick of cotton candy.

He walks over to a bus stop where Nutty stands, licking a lollipop. Nutty smells the cotton candy and begins eating Disco Bear's temporary afro. Disco Bear runs away in fear, tossing his stick of cotton candy away which Nutty chases after. He makes a diving catch on the grass, but before he can eat his treat, some sprinklers turn on and melt the cotton candy. Nutty sadly and desperately licks the sugar off the ground, when suddenly a sprinkler head impales him through the head. Nutty's blood flies out of the sprinkler head and splashes on Disco Bear, melting his afro. Disco Bear cries in frustration, when he is beckoned by Lifty and Shifty. The brothers demonstrate a bottle of hair growth formula by pouring it on a dog, who immediately grows hair and attracts the eye of a female dog. Disco Bear buys their entire stock as well and their van and drives home to try it out.

Unfortunately, before taking off, he forgets to close the back doors of the van, causing numerous bottles to fly out the back as he drives. One of the bottles lands on Pop's head, causing him to grow a head of hair higher than a fence. Cub, who is trimming hedges on the other side of the fence, accidentally cuts the top part of Pop's head off. Next, Disco Bear drives around a slow-driving Flaky, causing a bottle to fly through the open window of the car and burst open on Flaky. Her quills suddenly grow and impale Handy, her passenger. Next, a bottle flies out of the van and lands in a cooler next to a bench, where Cuddles sits drinking sodas. He drinks the hair tonic by mistake and coughs up his hairy organs. More hair grows inside of him and he eventually chokes to death.

Back home, Disco Bear runs to his bathroom and pours numerous bottles of the hair growth formula in his bathtub and dunks his head in. He walks to the mirror and his afro quickly grows back, much to Disco Bear's satisfaction. His eye begins to get irritated, however, as he realizes a hair has grown on one of his eyes. He pulls it out with a pair of tweezers, but more hair quickly grows in its place. He grabs his straight razor and tries shaving the hair off, but he ends up shaving his eyes off as well. He stumbles back and falls in his bathtub, still filled with the hair tonic. Later, The Mole finishes cutting Disco Bear's hair which has now grown out of every window and door in the house. Disco Bear gives his approval at The Mole's work, apparently able to see despite the loss of his eyes. Meanwhile, Lumpy tries putting a piece of toilet paper over his face which quickly turns red.

Pop's Christmas Smoochie


Gift 1

Pop blows a bubble and gets trapped in it, causing him to suffocate seconds before it pops. Cub, thinking Pop fell asleep, continues reading his paper.

Gift 2

Pop finds a hula hoop and begins to swing it around his hip. Cub tosses some more hula hoops until they slice Pop into pieces. Cub throws more hoops without realizing Pop is dead.

Gift 3

Pop opens up one of the presents, gets a spinning top and presses a button to make it spin. It spins so hard it pulls off Pop's skin when it touches him. He falls and is impaled on the top, getting Cub's attention. The baby gets up and attempts to perform CPR on Pop, pressing down on the button and causing the top and Pop's body to spin around, without removing the top from Pop's body.

Chore Loser

Pop is playing tetris on a gameboy and having fun. Suddenly Cub comes in and, annoyed that Pop isn't doing his chores, gives a rake to Pop and sends him outside. Cub then sees the game and sits down, proceeding to play it. Through a window, we see Pop outside raking up the leaves when a dog comes over to him. He pets the dog, who seems friendly enough, when, suddenly, the dog viciously attacks Pop. Pop screams for help, but Cub is too focused on the game to hear his father's cries for help. The dog rips Pop to pieces, causing his guts and limbs to hit the window and slide down like Tetris pieces. All the while Cub continues playing the game. The dog then comes into the living room with one of Pop's limbs in its mouth. Cub pets the dog, but before the episode ends the dog growls and prepares to attack Cub.

Pop & Corn

Pop is running out of pop corn for meal, so Cub gives his pop corn to Pop. When Pop eats them, he chokes when trying to swallow whole, then dies. Meanwhile, Cub just gives a gesture to silence Pop, during the movie. Then it closes up to the popcorn box Pop was given, it now has the HTF break logo with the 'break' crossed out and replaced in black letters- 'Is dead!'


  • There are numerous things wrong with this, such as Pop acting like he is young when he is still an adult, or Cub doing things he is too young for (smoking, drviing a car, etc.). This could of also been for comedic humor.

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