Pranky tries to pull some practical jokes in this smoochie. But the jokes on him, the script has been edited.

Idle animations

  • Pranky adjusts the fake arrow on his head.
  • Pranky reads a joke book and laughs.

Smoochie options


Pranky turns around and puts on a fancy tuxedo. He shows a prank flower attached to the tuxedo, which he plans to use to squirt water at the viewer(s). But when he squeezes the bulb, nothing happens. He squeezes several more times, causing more water to get stuck in the tube. Pranky soon discovers that the tube had been tied into a knot, and so much water is stuck inside that it explodes, blowing off his face.


Water you doing? Shouldn't you be squirting us?

Banana peel

Pranky throws several objects out of his pocket, including a false moustache, fake vomit, and a whoopee cushion. He finally finds a banana and eats it. He then throws the peel on the ground and waits for someone to step on it. He gets bored and eventually walks off to find someone, only to accidentally step on the whoopee cushion and get spooked by the noise. This causes him to jump back on the banana peel and slip on the ground, cracking open his head.

Banana peel

Time is not the only thing about to slip away...

Stink bomb

Pranky pulls out a stink bomb. He looks at the viewer(s) and laughs. Then he throws the bomb at the viewer(s), but it bounces off the screen and lands on Pranky. The screen is soon filled with a nauseous smell which causes Pranky to slowly suffocate to death.


Karma just stinks.


  • Pranky's bandage switches ears numerous times.
  • The joybuzzer on Pranky's wrist switches arms numerous times, sometimes during continous shots.


  • Pranky's death in Banana peel is similar to Nutty's death in Swelter Skelter and Sniffles' death in Moppin Up.

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