Prickles is a character from Aussie Outback Friends.
Prickles redesign

Character Bio

Prickles is a green echidna with many sharp quills, hence his name. He wears purple ski goggles, and he in fact does enjoy skiing. He enjoys other sports as well, having sort of a daredevil-like personality.

Like real-life echindas, he likes to eat ants. However, he almost always fails to catch ants and they end up killing him in some disturbing manner.


Starring roles

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Outside AOF

Kill Count

  • Hairy - 1 ("Little Problem")
  • Platto - 1 ("Drought and About")
  • Jeni - 1 ("Pole Kringle")
  • Berg - 1 ("Chilly Paws" along with Aunt Chilly)
  • Blizzard - 1 ("Chilly Paws" along with Aunt Chilly)


  1. Little Problem: Stabbed to death with his quills.
  2. Friends on the Barby - Skinned and dies from blood loss.
  3. Drop Bear Necessities - Crushed with a safe by a drop bear.
  4. I've Machine That Before - Dies in machine explosion.
  5. Out of Outback - Killed in ship's destruction.
  6. To Here and Back - Impaled by giant toothpick.
  7. Outback Fire - Blown up by Sniffles' device.
  8. Drought and About - Trampled by angry mob.
  9. Mind The Surf - Drowned by a tidal wave.
  10. A Spine Day - Stabbed in the face multiple times by Spiny.
  11. Pole Kringle - Either bleeds to death or dies tumbling down a mountain.
  12. Chilly Paws - Blizzard collides into him.


  1. Going Bear-foot - Arm bitten by ant.
  2. Kickboxing it Old School - Some quills are yanked off.
  3. Mind The Surf - Impaled in the eye by a small flag.


  • He is based on Sniffles because both of them have a craving for ants, and both end up being killed by ants whenever they try to eat them.
  • The ants that Prickles tries to eat resemble bulldog ants because of their long jaw-like mandibles. These ants are, indeed, poisonous.
  • He was redesigned so that his eyes would be visible through his goggles.