Puffy witnesses the birth of a newborn chick.
And with birth...there comes death!
Internet Season: 1
Episode Number: 6
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Mountain of Trouble
Next Episode Trash Day

"Puff Up, Little Chick" is a fan episode of Happy Tree Friends and is the sixth episode of Season One.


At the museum, Puffy is watching an incubator when he sees a chick popping out of its egg. Puffy gets amazed and passes out on the floor.

When he gets back up, he sees that the chick has already hatched completely. He watches the chick as it dries off and puffs up its feathers.

A few hours later, the chick has finally puffed up. Apparently, Puffy accidentally knocks the incubator, making the heat in it go wildly high. This makes the chick puff up too much, making a few of its feathers fly off and impale Puffy.

The janitor, Lumpy, comes around and pushes away Puffy's corpse with his broom. He then sees and picks up the chick. Bringing it close to his face, he says "Awww". Suddenly, the chick pecks on one of Lumpy's eyes and makes it squirt out blood.


"Stay away from chicks. Get more cats and dogs!"


  1. Puffy is impaled by the chick's feathers.


  1. The chick pecks on Lumpy's eye.


  • This is the debut of Puffy.
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