Quickmix's Normal State.

Quickmix is a minor Constructifriend. She is Mixmaster's twin sister and is constantly plotting against him, wanting to be the leader of the Constructifriends. Se forms a missile launcher on Devastator's shoulder.

Normal State

In normal state, Quickmix's arms are normal.

War State

She has spikes on a few of her scales. Her left arm has a laser taser and a missile launcher. Her right arm has a giant triple-bladed scissor knife and a spiked gear sticking out of the back.

Appearance Roles

  1. Mall and Sundry


  1. Mall and Sundry: Gets shredded to peices by Mixmaster and Scavenger.


  • She is the only female Constructifriend.
  • She is the first Constructifriend with a confirmed death.

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