Starring Roles

  • Superspeed
  • Spook
  • Rose
  • Lumpy
  • Disco Bear
  • Mom and Baby


Superspeed is shown walking with his arm sticking out. When his hand hits something he looks up. Its a really tall pole cliff, which breaks and falls on Superspeed. Superspeed is then shown cowering, realizing he's alive, he begins to walk, only for a razor (grinder thing you sharpen things with like knifes) hits him leaving a splatter of blood and his hat. Spook is later shown heading for Superspeed's house. Seeing the razor coming for him, he stops. The razor hits a rock, making it fly into the air and slice his head in half when coming down. Spook's body falls down and leaks blood. Rose is seen watering some plants when something flys past her. She is shown in a giant bucket with the hose pouring in. The water fills up and with Rose not being to get to the top, she drowns. Lumpy and Disco Bear are shown dressed as plumbers ready to help Mom and Baby. Disco Bear flirts with Mom then heads for the sink. He begins to examie it when the razor suddenly bursts threw the window and slices Disco Bear's face. When his body falls back, Lumpy looks at his body and thinks for a second. The razor cuts him in half, then cuts a hanging platform which falls and crushes Baby. The Razor heads for Mom, and a explosian happens, which a confused Mom is shown wondering why she's not dead.


  • Superspeed is sliced up by the razor.
  • Spook's head is cut in half.
  • Rose drowns.
  • Disco Bear's face is sliced up.
  • Lumpy is cut in half.
  • Baby is crushed.


  • Rose and Baby are the only ones not actually killed by the razor itself.
  • First time Mom and Baby replace Pop's and Cub's role.
  • This is the second episode based on the comics Rocko made.
  • In the comic, Mom looked happy when Disco Bear flirted with her.

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