Starring Roles:

  • Pop and Cub
  • Superspeed
  • Peppery
  • Lumpy


  • Toothy


Pop and Cub are heading to the book store, which is being runned by Toothy. Cub searches in a box to find a fairy tell book. Cub asks Pop for the book. Due to the book costing 1 simple dollar, he denied. Instead got a book from the 50 cent box. The book looked like crap. At home, Pop reads the story. The story, to Cub, is very disturbing. Pop finishes the book and lets Cub goe to sleep. Cub is creeped out by the book to do so. He hears noises under his bed, he checks and something attacks him. In the morning, Cub, who looks completly disturbing, is waiting for food. Pop tries to feed him, but Cub denies. He then has tentacles come out of his mouth, showing he's possessed. He grabs Pop and throws him accross the room, where the phone lands on him. He quickly calls Superspeed and Lumpy to help, where Pop is attacked again. When Superspeed and Lumpy arrived, they are attacked. Lumpy struggles but is shoved down the drain, killed by getting sliced up by the sink. Pop screams Cub's name, and for a few minutes, he becomes Cub. He accidently drops Superspeed, which he landed on one of Cub's sharp toys. Luckly still alive. Cub turns back to being possessed. The possessed Cub suddenly rips Pop into pieces. The possessed Cub heads for Superspeed. Peppery walks in, mad about the racket. He screams when he sees Cub and attacks him. He successfully removes the thing. Later, they moan for Pop and Lumpy. Where they were gonna light sad fireworks. Peppery accidently ties himself to the fireworks, and Cub accidently ties Superspeed to the fireworks. They are both sent into the air and killed. Cub then moans Pop and Lumpy. (Pop mostly).


  • Lumpy is killed when he is shoved down the sink
  • Pop is tore apart by the possessed Cub
  • Superspeed and Peppery are killed when the fireworks explode


  • This is based off the episode "Read 'Em and Weep" The differences: ( / = part of the differences)
  • Lumpy and Pop are killed./
  • Whatever possessed Cub might not be the demon./
  • Superspeed and Peppery appear./
  • They light fireworks showing how sad they are./
  • Cub does not die/
  • Peppery saves Cub, not Lumpy./

  • Unlike in the main series, Cub did not die even though Pop did.
  • This is one of the 2 times Cub knows when someone is dead. The other time is in "Can't Stop Coffin" and it is another family member (Pop) and a friend (Lumpy)

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