Cro-Marmot Death
Why parks are dangerous: Flippy.
Internet Season: 3
Episode Number: 13
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Mr. Pickels
Previous Episode Spiked your computer
Next Episode Remains of the Flippy Part 2

 "Remains of the Flippy" is the Season 3 finale of Happy Tree Friends.


Flippy walks around to see Flaky sitting on a bench. He walks closer and sits down, saying hi. Flaky becomes scared and nervously says hi back. Flippy asks what's up, but looks at Flaky's quills and flips-out. Flaky face-palms and gets given a pineapple. She cheers and thanks Flippy, but inside the pineapple is a grenade, which explodes on Flaky.

Flippy then goes away and tries to find someone else in the park, but there is no one there. Cro-Marmot then enters the park on a unicycle, when Flippy stabs a pitchfork in his iceblock so far it cuts in his belly, spreading blood everywhere in his block.

Flippy tries to find someone else, and finds Lumpy dressed as a hamburger, eating his costume. Flippy runs to him and takes his costume off. Lumpy quickly hides his crotch, but with two arms on that, he has no way of escaping and Flippy goes to the top of the building, throws a knife at Lumpy, and flies down from the sky with another knife and it lands in Cro-Marmot's ice block too.

Flippy runs out of the park and runs home, and finds Lammy there. He strangely looks at her since she is holding no one's hand. It goes to Lammy's POV, seeing Mr. Pickels. Flippy runs up to her and slams a rock on the ground next to her hand (as if killing her "unknown" friend). Lammy gasps, and Flippy hits her with a shovel. Lifty & Shifty walk by, and laugh. Flippy flips back, and sees the money Lifty and Shifty stole, and how shiny it was made him re-flip out.

Flippy stabs a knife in Lifty's chest. Shifty runs away, but a knife is stabbed in his head. His brain pops out. Flippy looks to the side and sees a picnic with Pop, Cub, and Sniffles at it.

To be continued...


  • Flaky gets killed when a grenade explodes.
  • A pitchfork is stabbed in Cro-Marmot's chest.
  • A knife lands on Lumpy's head.
  • A rock crushes Mr. Pickels.
  • Lammy is hit with a shovel.
  • Lifty has a knife stabbed in his chest.
  • A knife is stabbed in Shifty's forehead.


  • When Flippy flies down to put the knife in Cro-Marmot's head, the pitchfork in his ice block disappears. Although, this doesn't happen in the promotional image for it.


  • Lammy's death is similiar to Cub's in "Read 'Em and Weep".
  • This is the only time in a regular episode Cro-Marmot has had a gory death. Although he did have one in "Dino-Sore Days", but that was irregular.
  • Shifty is the last character to die in Season 3.
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