Lumpy hands
This is what happens when Flippy
makes a grenade explode.
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 1
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Remains of the Flippy Part 1
Next Episode Sugar vs. Meat

Second part of "Remains of the Flippy", first episode in Season 4.


We start from the end when Shifty is cut in the head with his brain coming out. Flippy looks over to see Pop, Cub, and Sniffles having a picnic. Flippy then flips back, and goes over there. He says hi, when Giggles comes over with some tea. She is about to pour it, when she drops it and it breaks. Some pours on Giggles' foot, making it hurt.

Flippy flips out from the glass breaking. He then knocks Pop out with a mallet, and makes Cub play with a bomb. It explodes, sending Flippy into the air. He flips back, and knocks into Handy, who is patching a building together with Lumpy (now with a cast on his head).

Handy falls on Lumpy's arm, and Flippy lands on the other. Lumpy's arms are knocked off. Flippy looks at Handy's nubs, and both Flippy and Handy laugh at Lumpy's misfortune.


  • Pop is knocked out with a mallet (debatable).
  • Cub, Sniffles, and Giggles die in the explosion.


  • If not killed, Pop is injured when knocked out with the mallet.
  • Lumpy's arms are cut off.
  • The hot tea pours on Giggles' foot.


  • Pop's injury/death is similiar to Disco Bear's in "A Change of Heart"
  • Lumpy's injury is similiar to Cuddles' in "The Wrong Side of the Tracks", and Flippy's in "Operation: Tiger Bomb".
  • Giggles' injury is similiar to Sniffles' in "Tongue in Cheek".
  • This is one of the few episodes without any goofs/errors.
  • Shifty is the first character to die in Season 4 (as the last scene from part 1 was shown at the beginning).
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