It's a lovely day and Ale is at the restaurant and the Mole is the waiter. Ale orders fish and chips and the Mole offers to get it for her. Russell sits next to Ale and it makes her flip out because she liked to sit on her own every time she was at a restaurant. She cuts Russell in half with a chainsaw. She then goes up to Trippy and decapitates him with a spatula. Disco Bear is having his food when Ale comes up and strangles him to death. Nutty is at the back of the queue waiting for Petunia to finish. Ale dumps them both in a grill, burning them to death. She returns to her table but her fish and chips are getting served on another table. She slices the Mole apart with a knife.


  1. Russell is cut in half with a chainsaw
  2. Trippy is decapitated by a spatula
  3. Disco Bear is strangled to death
  4. Nutty and Petunia are put in a grill
  5. The Mole is sliced apart by a knife

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