Doctor Richtofen the Blue Porcupine. Character from Call of Duty Black Ops/World at War

Doctor Richtofen is actually a character from Call of Duty Black Ops, but the creator added him to Happy Tree Friends.He is a Blue Porcupine

Character Bio

Doctor (Edward) Richtofen is a German Doctor who used to be human.He and the rest of his teammates from Black Ops entered their travel machine but accidently went transported to Happy Tree Ville.They all were turned into animals.Richtofen is the craziest Teammate, and he has a high-Pitched Voice, compared to his other teammates.Richtofen also goes crazy when he sees or operates explosives.In Episode "War of the Wires"Richtofen screams in joy and goes crazy happy after seeing fireworks.Richtofen also has a rivalry with Dempsey, and he sometimes even calls him a "Silly American".Most of Richtofen's kills are ethier by his quills, or by explosions.Espically on Halloween.He always yells "DIE!" when seeing a Zombie-Reminding person and kills him or her with anything he can find.


  • Richtofen is the first character ever to have his full name reveiled on Happy Tree Friends
  • His whole team is the first team to enter Happy Tree Ville being from another TV Show/Video Game


  • Cuddles - 0
  • Giggles - 0
  • Toothy - 1
  • Lumpy - 0
  • Petunia - 1
  • Handy - 1
  • Splendid - 0
  • Sniffles - 0
  • Pop - 0
  • Cub - 1
  • Flaky - 1
  • Nutty - 1
  • Lifty - 1
  • Shifty - 0
  • The Mole - 0
  • Disco Bear - 0
  • Flippy - 1
  • Russell - 0
  • Mime - 1
  • Cro-Marmot - 0
  • Lammy - 0
  • Generic Tree Friends - 0

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