Robo Star plays with paper and tape only to not realize paper can do more then paper cuts

Idle Animations

Idle 1: Robo Star falls asleep then wakes up

Idle 2: Robo Star looks around

Paper AirPlanes

Robo Star creates several airplanes out of paper he throws all one by one. He wonders where they went only for them to come from behind him and all pierce his body.

Airplanes can be quite sharp

Paper Boat

Robo Star makes a oversized paper boat with tape and paper. He sits in it and smiles when he sees the water and his boat floating. However eventua

A crushing defeat

lly the water gets so high the boat crushes Robo Star

Paper Gun

Robo Star makes a paper gun and pretends to fire it. However Flippy sees the gun and flips out. The screen fades black and when it resumes, all of Robo Stars remains are all over the screen


Now who could have done this?


1. Robo Atar enthier is punctuarted by paper airplanes,crushed by a paper boat or killed by Flippy depending on the options

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