Starring Roles

  • Trippy
  • Lumpy
  • Skipper
  • Mom and Baby
  • Superspeed
  • Giggles
  • Rose


Trippy is attempting to build a rocket. He has Lumpy and Skipper helping him. As the day goes by, the rocket becomes finished. As the three get in and try, it goes up 32 feet before falling to the side. It falls straight off a cliff. Mom and Baby are on a cliff down there leaving coins there. Mom leaves for a second while Baby plays with the coins. The rocket smashes into the cliff, taking Baby and the coins with it. The rocket still falls and theres a house below. Inside is Superspeed and Rose plus Giggles making cake. Suddenly the the gold bag smashes into the roof and coins fly everywhere. However the coins pierce Superspeed and down him. As Superspeed tries to get up, the rocket busts him and implades Superspeed in the chest. Rose and Giggles scream, but the rocket falls over and crushes the two. Lumpy jumps out and makes a 'proud' pose. As the two get out and get down, the rocket goes really fast to the side. Lumpy slides off to the side and burns up in the fire. Trippy and Skipper laugh like crazy but soon the rocket comes back, impales Trippy, and the rocket explodes, killing Skipper.


  • Baby is killed when the rocket hits her.
  • Superspeed is impaled in the chest by the rocket.
  • Rose and Giggles are crushed by the rocket.
  • Lumpy burns up in the fire.
  • Trippy is impaled in the chest.
  • Skipper dies in the explosion.

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