Rose is a 14 year old cat.

Normal Rose

Rose was Superspeed and Spook's best friend before The Trio between Superspeed, Robo Star, and Trippy was formed. Due to this, her appearances slimed down. She was eventually chosen for And Then There Were Less and surivived the episode. She now makes cameo appearances.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. Spiked your computer - Burns to death.
  2. Rose's short: Window smashed on her
  3. The Date: Ran over by a car
  4. You're Bakin' Me Crazy: Ran over by a car again
  5. So Sweet!!: Dies from the impact of falling of the ferris wheel
  6. Be Careful: Impladed by spikes
  7. Super Christmas: Burns to death
  8. Story Tellin': Dies when the moon crashes into Earth
  9. Death Park: Crushed when the ride Cuddles and Giggles were in falls on her
  10. Havin' A Ball: Crushed by a rock
  11. You Trip Me Up: Burns to death or dies in the explosian
  12. Rocket Science: Crushed by the rocket
  13. Reviving Cub: Crushed by a grave stone
  14. Razor Sharp: Drowns when trapped in a bucket filling with water
  15. Sharpen your skills: Decapited by Lumpy's garage
  16. Burning Bridges: Dies when the bridge collapses on her
  17. Spiked your computer: Bruns to death
  18. The Coin: Killed when Superspeed's house burns down
  19. The No Modern World: Plummets to her death.


1. Rose originates as a failed fan drawing of a character.

2. Rose was originally Superspeed's love interest before Spook's introduction.