Starring Roles


Rose was in her bed thinking about her day. She had no idea what to do today. What can you do at 4:30 AM. Rose can practice some of her French learning: Quel est ce monde à venir aussi? Rose believes she is doing wonderful. Rose goes outside and heads for Superspeed's house. She peers threw the small window in Superspeed's house. She sees Superspeed in a towel. He is about to take a shower. Rose looks away when Superspeed pulls his towel off and goes to Superspeed's front door. However, Ale comes around and notices Rose at Superspeed's house. Ale goes over to Rose to ask why she is up so early, but Superspeed, playing with his gun app, gets out the shower, walks to his side window and shoots it. Ale believes it is real and falls to the ground for cover. She suddenly flips and attacks Rose. She rips one of Superspeed's windows out and smashes it on her. Rpse falls over, dead. Ale breaks into Superspeed's house and runs toward to Superspeed. Superspeed screams when he sees Ale, but Ale stabs Superspeed's head threw his hat. Superspeed falls over onto his wall looking like he is sleeping. Ale becomes normal and screams when she sees Superspeed, who was still taking a shower.

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