Gender: Male
Interest(s): Rotten food
Species: Fox
Color: Orange
Relatives: n/a
Age: 12
Size: medium
Friends/Allies: Fungus
Enemies/Rivals: n/a
Love Interest(s): n/a
Kill Count: 0
Deaths: 5 4 From regular episodes
1 from HTF Break
First Appearance: Mints to Joy
First Victim: Petunia from Freshen the Air
First Death: Hot Rot

Rotty is a fan-made HTF character.

Character Bio

Rotty is a fox with messy orange fur. As his name suggests, he likes to eat rotten food, especially meat. Similar to Fungus, Rotty can be seen eating out of trash cans, though is not quite as messy. Rotty is also known to get itchy at times.

He made his debut in Mints to Joy as a featuring role, and made his first starring role in Hot Rot.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. Hot Rot - Burnt to death.
  2. Law and Odor - Skinned by thorns. 
  3. Eco-Terrorist - Ran over by truck.
  4. Dirty Dozen - Hit in the eye by corn on the cob.
  5. Freshen the Air - Decapitated by Petunia's necklace.

Number of Kills

  • Petunia - 1 ("Freshen the Air" along with Fungus)


  • He is one of the few characters without the typical Pac-man eyes.

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