Russell's Swashbuckler Smoochie (or Russell's Sloop of War Smoochie) is a fan-made smoochie Starring Russell created by YouTube user Yudhaikeledai

Russell's Swashbuckler Smoochie01:36

Russell's Swashbuckler Smoochie

Idle Animations

  • Russell pulls out a sword and points at the viewer.
  • Russell pulls out a map and looks through a telescope.

Smoochie Options

1. Sea Angling

Russell is given a fishing rod and casts it out at sea in hopes of catching a fish. Something grabs the hook, and Russell tries to reel it in, almost making him fall off his boat. He reels in a shark, which bites off his head. The shark briefly comes out of the water wearing Russell's hat and using a toothpick to clean his teeth before ascending back into the sea.

Russell Smoochie 1

Let's make sure he reels in a good fish.

2. Swashbuckler

A sword and a gun drop from the sky. Russell uses the sword to slice through a nearby pole, throwing it into the air and then shooting the pole with a gun. The pole falls and ends up crushing Russell. The gun then shoots off Russell's hook and the sword falls back onto the ship and slices off his eye.

Russell Smoochie 2

Russell should of remembered how he was not expierenced with guns.

3. Broadside Salvo

Russell spies at something with a telescope. Three cannons appear and Russell puts gun powder into each of them. However, he uses up the whole barrel of gun powder for the last cannon. As a result, the cannon explodes and shoots through the air carrying Russell, soon crashing through the ship and causing it to sink.

Russell Smoochie 3

Watch how much gun powder you put in that next time!


  • The title in the video read "Russell's Sloop of War Smoochie".
  • Pirate-like music is heard throughout the smoochie.
  • Russell's eye is still hanging out of the shark's mouth when it resurfaces.
  • Russell says "Hey, look!" when he sees something with the telescope.
  • Russell putting in too much gun powder into the cannon may be a reference to Mime to Five.

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