Sana the Black Bunny

Sana is a black bunny with an Unfortunate Past.She possesses the power to kill people without even wanting to.Sana is scared for her young age.She hides in her home in Happy Tree Ville, trying to stay away from all of the Happy Tree Friends as possible.Born Immortal, Sana killed her parents, and than was later moved to a dark Asylum in a totally diffrent Town.Sana was later let go, and from this day on, she could never control the powers she has, and no one even believes her when she says it.She has Powers she cannot control. Once in a while, Sana will go outside, but will eventually Kill people.In One episode "Fight Fire with Fire", Sana asked Lumpy for help to get rid of her evil power.Like all the other Killing-Spree Characters, Sana doesn't appear in much episodes, due to her brutal killings.

Uncontrollable Powers

Sana has a series of Powers that she cannot Control.They accur mostly when she is ethier Mad or Upset.

  • Walking by people when she is angry, causing others suddenly to burn up in flames.
  • Having her arms Grow Huge claws, causing her to rip people to shreds if she tries to go near them.
  • Having her ears become Electricle Whips, causing her ears to choke and electrokute others.
  • Having her Teeth become tiny Missiles, causing her teeth to shoot out of her mouth and hit others and explode, every time she opens her mouth.
  • Having her feet grow spikes, causing her to get stuck where ever she walks(This Power mostly causes Deaths more than kills)
  • Having her Right arm become a Missle, and it blasts off Sana's body aiming someone else, Making her missiled arm Explode.

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