Starring roles

  • Sapphire


  • Rex


Htf base reamke by anime lover0666-d48645u copy
The episode starts with Sapphire waking up in the morning like normal. She has her shower and her breakfast, and then goes out to do some shopping. She sees a playground where Rex is waving to come play with him. She runs over to go play with him. Rex goes down the slide and then Sapphire does the same. Rex then needs to go home, so he waves goodbye and goes off. Sapphire is tired now. She goes home and yawns, dropping the shopping on the table before going into the kitchen to make some dinner. After dinner, Sapphire decides to go out for a walk. She gets her coat on. She is making her way through the town when she sees a forest. She wanders into the forest and sees a cliff. There's an amazing ocean under it, so she sits at the cliff and watches the scenery. She remembers when she was only a cub and when she lived at the temple with Buddhist Monkey. She then falls asleep and has a dream of going to that temple. She sees Buddhist Monkey again and everything's so peaceful, but then there are shooting sounds, and Safire (evil Sapphire) comes and shoots Buddhist Monkey, killing him. She then throws a bomb, which explodes. Sapphire wakes up screaming and then, seeing it was a nightmare, she calms a little. Then, she turns and sees Safire. Before Sapphire can run, Safire has already got a sword to her throat.


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