1. Ale
  2. The Mole
  3. Petunia
  4. Sniffles
  5. Disco Bear
  6. Russell
  7. Mime


  1. Nutty
  2. Trippy
  3. Toothy
  4. Superspeed


Ale flips out and uses a beaker to choke Russell to death. She then uses a bunsen burner to burn Toothy to death. She then snaps Trippy's neck. She then decapitates The Mole with a sword. She then cuts the top of Petunia and Superspeed's heads off with the sword. She then strangles Disco Bear to death. She then beats Sniffles to death. She then takes Mime's organs out of his body. She then kills Nutty with all sorts of lab equipment.

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