Scoot and Cuddly is a fan episode.



  • Trippy
  • Buck and Chuck


  • Mime


Mime, Buck, Chuck, and Trippy are riding down the street. Mime is on his unicycle, Buck and Chuck are on a tandom bike, while Trippy is on his scooter. Suddenly, Mime hits a ramp and flies towards a tree and is decapitated by a branch. Buck and Chuck freak out and crash into a fence, where wooden pieces kill them. Trippy sees this and is distracted. He hits a curb and is flung into a fire hydrant, knocking it off and gets blasted up by the water and falls onto Mime's runaway unicycle where the seat knocks off his head.


  • Mime is beheaded.
  • Buck and Chuck are impaled by wooden pieces.
  • Trippy is beheaded.


  • Trippy, Buck, and Chuck hang out a lot, hinting the fact that they may be friends.
  • The reason the firehydrant came off was because it had loose bolts.

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