Scratches is a character from Aussie Outback Friends.

Character Bio

Scratches is a light blue bandicoot with a lazy eye and a comb brush stuck to the fur on his head. Hence his name, he is constantly seen scratching himself due to his severe flea problem.

He is a hyper character who often moves by jittering and makes fast chatter-like noises when he talks. His flea problem is such a big issue, that he will go crazy and try just about anything to relieve his itchiness, such as in his debut appearance Itching to Know, where he spends all of his money on a backscratcher and shampoo and later skins himself by rubbing against Prickles' quills.


Starring roles

Featuring roles

Kill Count

  • Hairy - 1 ("Itching to Know")


  1. Itching to Know - Skins himself and dies from blood loss.
  2. Once Bitten - His head explodes.
  3. Drop Bear Necessities - Mauled by several drop bears.
  4. I've Machine That Before - Dies in machine explosion.
  5. Out of Outback - Crushed by anchor
  6. A Safari The Eye Can See - Plummet to his death.


  1. Once Bitten: Poisoned by spiders, impales himself with a fork.
  2. Thyla-scene Investigation: Skinned by Platto.


  • He seems to be a base on both Nutty and Flaky. Mostly he is based on Nutty because of his hyperactiveness, jittering, and chattering, plus both have lazy eyes. He is based on Flaky because his fur tends to fall off in a similar manner to Flaky's dandruff.
  • He is the last character of AOF to be introduced, before the appearance of Guzzle.
  • He could also be a bilby.

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