Senseless Makes Sense is a fanon episode of HTF. In this episode, Senseless gets his sense back.
Makes sense

Either he doesn't want an eye patch, or he's just scared of pirates.






Senseless aimlessly walks in the middle of the road. On the sidewalk, a distressed Toothy tries telling him about the danger, failing. An ambulance runs over Senseless and the driver, Lumpy, feels a bump. He turns his vehicle around, squashing Toothy, and realizes he has run over Senseless. After bringing the unconscious patient to the hospital, Germy decides to perform an operation.

Later, Senseless opens his eye, but seeing clearly for a change. Germy is revealed to have fixed up his brain, thus restoring his senses. He happily exits the hospital until passing by Handy. Seeing his bandaged nubs, Senseless looks at his own bandaged hands and shivers with fear.

At the park, Senseless sets up a picnic. He smells barbecue and leaves the site, soon spotting Fyre trying to operate his grill. It sparks and leaves him in flames. Senseless remembers the burn marks on his body and runs away from the scene. Sniffles passes by, with his sensitive nose leading him to an anthill. But with a bear trap over it, Sniffles gets his nose caught. Senseless feels his bandaged nose and leaves screaming.

Senseless heads to the lake for some fishing. Though difficult to spot fish with his one eye, he tries squinting. He catches sight of Russell and his eyepatch, bringing him to tears. To make matters worse, Senseless spots Cheesy having a picnic, until Munches chews on his ear thinking it was cheese. Feeling his ear nubs, Senseless has had enough.

Hopping into Russell's motorboat, Senseless drives it into a huge rock, hitting his head against it. With his brain damaged once again, Senseless loses all sense in his body. He lets out a big smile, oblivious to the boat sinking.


"Use your sense of happiness."


  1. Toothy is ran over by Lumpy.
  2. Senseless drowns.


  1. Senseless is ran over.
  2. Fyre is set aflame.
  3. Sniffles gets his nose clamped onto a bear trap.
  4. Munches chews off Cheesy's ear.


  • This marks Senseless' first death.
  • Strangely, Senseless still couldn't talk after the operation, proving he was a natural mute.

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