Gender: Female
Interest(s): Eating ice cream, playing, making new friends
Species: Porcupine
Color: Sky blue
Relatives: Flaky
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Flaky
Good Flippy
Enemies/Rivals: Evil Flippy
Lifty and Shifty
Love Interest(s): Flippy
Kill Count: 2
Deaths: 12 (not counting death after becoming a zombie) (5 from episodes not part of any season)
(7 from fan version episodes)
First Appearance: Don't Be Shaky, Flaky!
First Victim: Cuddles from Sky Patrol
First Death: Don't Be Shaky, Flaky!
Shaky is a sky blue porcupine who is a relative to Flaky. She has a crush on Flippy, however she always seems to run away from him (only when flipped out). She's Mrtailsisdabest's character and is his first character to be created.

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