Starring Roles

  • Spook

Featuring Roles

  • Rose
  • Lumpy
  • Mom
  • Baby
  • Cuddles


The episode begins with Superspeed and Spook messing around. Spook pulls a paper out and reads it. Superspeed attempts to read it but Spook hides it. A razor sharpening thing is nearby and Spook tries to stop it. This only pulls him into it and slices his head in half. The razor breaks off and flies toward Superspeed. Superspeed finds a giant metal shield and uses it to protect him. The razor smacks into it, causing the shield to fall and crush Superspeed. Rose is somewhere licking an ice cream. She hears something and drops her ice cream. Suddenly a car comes behind her and runs her over. Laying on the ground, something falls and decapites her. Where it shows that she was near a garage...Lumpy's. Lumpy is still backing up and hits a stump, causing him to flip. He is stick under his car where it catches on fire and explodes, sending Lumpy into the air in half and on fire. Mom and Baby are messing around as well and Mom drops a brick off the cliff. It falls and crashes into Cuddles, who was trying to close his trunk, and explodes. Mom looks down kinda saddened, where Baby is wondering around and is spattered by an incoming car.


  • Spook's head is sliced in half.
  • Superspeed is crushed.
  • Rose is decapitated.
  • Lumpy either burns to death or suffocates in space.
  • Baby is splattered by a car.


  • Spook should have known not to mess with spinning razor things.
  • Superspeed becomes really angry when he can't see Spook's page, but when Spook died, he had a chance to get it.
  • Lumpy's death is the same as his death in From Hero to Eternity.

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