Buck is dead

Shower Power is a fan episode.

Starring Roles


Buck and Chuck are home and Chuck is taking a shower when he slips and falls backwards hitting the faucet knocking him out cold and causing him to cover the drain. 5 hours later Buck sees water coming from the bathroom but is unable to get in so he calls Lumpy (a locksmith) and he arives and unlocks the bathroom door only for Buck and him to find Chuck dead in the tub Buck runs towards his brother but slips on the water and slsides right into a mirror where glass shards impale him in the face causing him to die. Lumpy seeing this backs away slowly the turns into a run only to hit a coatrack and hace a hook enter his eye killing him.


  • Chuck drowns.
  • Buck is impaled by glass shards.
  • Lumpy is stabbed in the eye by a coat rack hook.


  • Chuck hits his head on a faucet and get knocked out.

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